Killer Klowns: Pruitt’s Short List for EPA Advisors is Kartoon Villain Kwality

September 15, 2017


Take me to your Fearless Leader – I Dare to be Dumb.

For obvious reasons, The Penguin did not make this list.

EENews (registration required):

Climate skeptics may soon join a key science advisory panel at U.S. EPA.

A number of people who reject the findings of mainstream climate science are being considered by the Trump administration for spots on EPA’s Science Advisory Board, a voluntary but influential panel that reviews science used in environmental regulations.

At least one nominee hopes to use a position on the board to challenge the science undergirding many environmental regulations. One has said in a statement that the world must “abandon this suicidal Global Warming crusade.” Another compared people concerned about climate change to “Aztecs who believed they could make rain by cutting out beating hearts.”

EPA has submitted 132 names for public comment as possible members of the panel. About a dozen of them have made comments rejecting mainstream climate science. Many have connections to the fossil fuel industry or conservative think tanks, and some have received funding to attack the findings of mainstream scientists that humans are warming the globe at an unprecedented pace through the burning of fossil fuels.

The selection of any of those researchers would be the beginning of a very different advisory board that would bear the hallmark of the Trump administration’s position on climate change, said Steve Milloy, an attorney and longtime EPA foe who worked on President Trump’s transition team for the agency.

“Had some other Republican won the presidency and a swamp creature taken over the EPA, this would not be happening,” he said, “but thank God for Scott Pruitt that he’s got the courage to do this.”

The Heartland Institute — a Chicago-based free-market think tank that pushes alternative climate science — nominated many of the current prospects.

A sampling:

Edwin Berry, a meteorologist and atmospheric scientist: He has funded his own climate research and says human carbon dioxide emissions do not cause climate change. He has compared those who believe in human-caused climate change to “Aztecs who believed they could make rain by cutting out beating hearts and rolling decapitated heads down temple steps.” On his Twitter account, he has called Islam “a death cult” and has encouraged motorists to drive into protesters.

Berry, in an email to E&E News today, described his tweet as a joke and said he does not advocate violence.

“Clearly, my tween says to slowly drive to not hurt anyone,” Berry said in the email, misspelling “tweet.”

Joseph D’Aleo, a certified consultant meteorologist and co-founder of the Weather Channel: He has run climate skeptic websites and has appeared as a speaker at Heartland conferences. D’Aleo said his priority on the board would be attacking the endangerment finding, the legally binding document that holds that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases harm human health and must be regulated by the executive branch. He said he wants to challenge the finding because it could otherwise be used later to build back Obama-era environmental regulations.

Alan Carlin, a retired EPA employee who is affiliated with Heartland: He fought the agency’s crafting of the endangerment finding. Carlin, an economist, was at the center of a political firestorm under Obama after he produced a widely criticized 93-page report comprising cherry-picked scientific data and blog entries concluding that regulating carbon dioxide was “the worst mistake that EPA has ever made.”

See my vid about Mr Carlin.

Gordon Fulks, a physicist and adviser to the Cascade Policy Institute, an Oregon-based libertarian think tank: He has denied that net sea ice melt is occurring and that the Earth is warming. He has said those who express concern about climate change are like a “societal pathogen that virulently spreads misinformation in tiny packages like a virus.”

For more on the Heartland Institute, see videos below:



6 Responses to “Killer Klowns: Pruitt’s Short List for EPA Advisors is Kartoon Villain Kwality”

  1. davefinnigan Says:

    Let’s share this article and continue to highlight the idiocy of this move in social media. In the wake of Katrina, Sandy, Irma and Harvey, and with unprecedented fires in the West, and the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster fresh in mind is the perfect time for a national debate on climate. This EPA move provides us with an opportunity to bring the contrasting points of view to the fore, so lets have a final showdown and get rid of these villains, and their fossil fuel overlords, once and for all.

  2. D’Aleo co-authored this completely dishonest hit-piece with Anthony Watts:

    D’Aleo and Watts were embarrassed into putting out a follow-up version with some of the more inflammatory claims toned down a bit (the above link points to their original version).

    The hit-piece is packed with claims that I could teach college freshmen how to debunk.

    Its publication prompted a number of on-line rebuttals from scientists. Tamino ( published a particularly devastating take-down, links here:

    For the record, D’Aleo and Watts have never retracted or apologized for their libelous claims (in spite of the fact that they’ve had over seven years to do so).

    Folks, this is what the Trump Administration considers “Red Team” material.

  3. J4Zonian Says:

    Steve Milloy ranks with Morano as one of the most despicable climate criminals.

  4. ubrew12 Says:

    Last night I watched Fox News Personality Jesse Watters interview meteorologist Joe Bastardi about how global warming had nothing to do with hurricanes Irma and Harvey. It was good to hear Bastardi subtly agree that warming is happening. But he engaged in obvious cherry picking by comparing the two recent storms with all other storms in recorded history, and gleefully picking out ones that were bigger or more damaging. I’m sure that’s how Pruitt’s red team/blue team would play out: “Let’s pick two even sides! You get to look at the storms this year, and I’ll compare them to every storm of the last thousand years, and lets see who wins!”

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