Wasted!: Anthony Bourdain Movie on Food Waste

September 8, 2017

Food and Wine:

Not more than a decade ago, the push to end food waste was not an issue many people followed. The focus on wasted food came primarily from think tanks and activists. Momentum has grown behind the movement though, and today the hundreds of millions of tons of food wasted around the world have a much brighter spotlight on them. That spotlight is thanks, in part, to some of the biggest names in the food world—people like Dan Barber, Massimo Bottura and Anthony Bourdain among others—who helped bring the public’s attention to the problem. And the issue’s march into the mainstream continues today with the release of the trailer for Wasted! The Story of Food Waste, a documentary featuring all three of those chefs that had a successful premiere at the Tribeca Film Festivalthis spring,.

Besides the trailer, which you can see below, Zero Point Zero, the company that made the film with help from the Rockefeller Foundation, also announced a release date. Wasted! will appear in select cities as well as video on demand services on October 13.

In the trailer, Bourdain, who helped produce the film, says he was circumspect about the project when he first heard about it. “I hated it,” he says. “It’s so serious.”

Clearly he came around. And he hopes that the film will add to the growing awareness around food waste and change the behavior of at least some of its viewers. “I’m not an activist but the intent of this film aligns with something that’s very much personal,” he said in a statement released with the trailer. “As a traveler, I see again and again how circumstances force people to cook incredibly well with the often very little food available to them. One film isn’t going to cure all of society’s ills but if a few people start thinking about what they’re eating for dinner in a different way or think twice about throwing out what is often the best stuff, it’s a good day.”

As chefs continue to raise alarms with projects like Wasted! we’re sure the fight against food waste will continue with more energy than ever. Look for Wasted! The Story of Food Waste in select cities and Video on Demand starting October 13.


2 Responses to “Wasted!: Anthony Bourdain Movie on Food Waste”

  1. Gingerbaker Says:

    We waste food. We always have. We always will.

    And when the agrarian movement comes full blossom, we will give our spoiled food to our backyard pigs, who will convert it into a product that environmental bluenoses will treat with disdain and try to make us feel guilty for enjoying as it gives us sustenance.

    Which is a curious standpoint today, considering that we grow enough food to feed the world pretty easily. Just on commercial farms. How many people have a serious victory garden these days? Almost nobody. And btw, cows eat, of all things, grass, which humans can’t eat. And convert that product of sunshine into meat and cheese and leather. And pigs eat our food waste. And chickens eat not very much at all.

    But, take a number, and stomp your feet, and please tell us all just how doggone bad for environment is meat production. I have never heard the arguments before, and am quite certain that your arguments are surely not based on very bad science indeed or mindlessly regurgitated hyperbolic propaganda.

    • funslinger62 Says:

      You’re as stubborn on this subject as the very climate deniers–those that you hate so much—are on climate science.

      Until you accept and learn to overcome your profound confirmation bias on this subject, there isn’t much data that we could present to you that would make any difference.

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