Reposting: Donald Trump the Source of “Unvarnished truth”.

September 5, 2017

Republican Chair of the House “Science” Committee, on Donald Trump and the Truth.


5 Responses to “Reposting: Donald Trump the Source of “Unvarnished truth”.”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    The unvarnished truth is Lamar Smith’s district got hit by one heck of a chinese hoax last week.

  2. wpNSAlito Says:

    The 21st district got refugees and some heavy rain, but no exceptional damage.
    It’s one of the three wacky districts gerrymandered to split up Austin (each within a football long bomb of my house).

    The great damage around Houston area has about 8-9 US Congressional districts.

  3. mboli Says:

    Wait a minute! I read just a few minutes ago that El Limbo is the ultimate source of the unvarnished truth. The authoritative DNS record, so to speak.

  4. mboli Says:

    More to Rep. Smith’s point, which is that the media present (in his view) a distorted picture of The Donald. The only source of the ‘unvarnished truth’ on that subject, Lamar Smith suggests, is from The Donald himself.

    I submit that Smith has a point. In as much as expostulations from The Donald’s id are piped directly into his Twitter posts, the best source of truth about The Donald is indeed The Donald.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      While one of the best ways to learn about barnacles is to observe them* it would be pretty pointless to give them a cell phone and expect any reliable information to come from them.

      *reminds me of a story: Charles Darwin was so into that theory that one time when his son was being shown around a neighbor’s house, and they got to the basement and it was just full of boxes and stuff, Darwin jr. asked “but where does your father do his barnacles?”

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