2012: Post Sandy Climate Report – NBC News. Holds up Pretty Well

September 4, 2017


Just post Sandy.

Has this held up? You tell me.


3 Responses to “2012: Post Sandy Climate Report – NBC News. Holds up Pretty Well”

  1. wpNSAlito Says:

    I just want Irma to shrink in size and hit Mar-a-Lago.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Hate to wish ill upon people who are suffering greatly and reacting bravely to their misfortune, but the best thing for the future of the planet would be for Irma to move into the Gulf and hit Houston again. Perhaps it could spawn a tornado in passing and level Mar-a-Lago?—–that would be a fitting response to Trump’s denialism (and if Irma instead hits the NYC area, ripping the top three floors off Trump Tower would be a nice message).

      Maybe hitting Houston with another 1000 year event after just two weeks would get the attention of the deniers and open the discussion into WHY? and how AGW is causing weather extremes. Houston has experienced three Black Swan events in the last three years, and we are now in Black Elephant territory—-it’s in the room breaking all the china and many still can’t see it—-TWO record setting 50+inch rainfalls in ONE week from the SAME storm after it made TWO landfalls—-and all the media wants to talk about is how heroic, caring, and wonderful people have been? JFC, but that’s incredible.

  2. redskylite Says:

    Yes indeed it has held up, unfortunately your current government is equipped with disposable memories. I remember at the time of Sandy discussing the storm on a local denier’s blog (earthquake predictor, farmer’s weather almanac producer and author of a book regarding telling cats’s fortunes called Pawmistry) who envisaged AGW folks dancing in joy and celebrating in the streets in response to the horrific weather event. (Coming from the same mind that thought NASA, NOAA, JMA, BOM and nearly every University was in a giant conspiracy) and climate scientists were rolling in luxury and money (from the scam), that wasn’t a surprising thought.

    Indeed scientists have been warning for many decades now, but still it falls on stubbornly deaf ears, encouraged by a sinister and shady denial business.

    What a polluted mess Harvey (a mere Hurricane #3) has produced, and what will Irma bring to the current misery. Yet still the deniers will deny and spout their bullshit.

    “Oil refineries and chemical plants across the Texas Gulf Coast released more than 1 million pounds of dangerous air pollutants in the week after Harvey struck, according to public regulatory filings aggregated by the Center for Biological Diversity.
    While attention has zeroed in on the crisis at the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Tex., other facilities — oil refineries, chemical plants and shale drilling sites — have been reporting flaring, leaks and chemical discharges triggered by Harvey.
    Emissions have already exceeded permitted levels, after floating rooftops sank on oil storage tanks, chemical storage tanks overflowed with rainwater, and broken valves and shutdown procedures triggered flaring at refineries.”


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