Journalist Cuts to Chase on Carbon/Climate, has Mic Cut

August 30, 2017

8 Responses to “Journalist Cuts to Chase on Carbon/Climate, has Mic Cut”

  1. Harvey, climate change, ooh pretty butterfly!

  2. Well, the Al Jazeera guy was pretty much right about everything, but it was an odd context for making this point…. He could have been more effective by sticking to the facts and emphasizing the risks posed by the refineries. Texas recently received a permit to release excess amounts of dangerous benzene as a result of oil damage. That stuff is toxic, and we let the oil companies off too easily even during weather events like this. The fact is, Texas refineries have been release excess amounts of benzene for years now (probably even decades) and just paying the nominal fines…..

  3. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    The men behind the curtain really really do not want people to know.

  4. webej Says:

    In the Western world people have become so accustomed to filtered and slanted news that objections and demands for fair and factual reporting are just a burp here and there. The media have completely renegged on their societal role as the fifth estate in the “democracies.”

  5. wpNSAlito Says:

    Qatar’s income is almost entirely based on its gas fields. Just sayin’.

  6. ubrew12 Says:

    For all the criticism the right has toward ‘political correctness’, the number one goal of the billion dollars a year that Big Fossils spends on climate denial is to make it politically incorrect to ever bring up climate change. You can’t bring it up outside a Harvey-like disaster, because all the well-funded and well-encouraged climate deniers have to do is throw open the window and point to the wonderful day outside, or bring a snowball to Congress and have everybody look at it. Then they point to you and say ‘chicken little says the sky is falling’. But you especially can’t bring it up WHILE the sky is ACTUALLY FALLING, because that’s insensitive to victims and rescuers, and politically incorrect. And that’s what a billion dollars a year in climate denial funds: silence. Even in a country as large and proud of its ‘independence’ as the U.S.

  7. Forgive my cynicism, Peter, and friends herein.

    Perspective: Almost all commercial television news is eyeball-driven, for their advert $. Sadly, viewers want to see what amounts to ‘disaster porn,’
    “..disaster porn
    Noun. When the media puts horrific or tragic images on a 24 hour loop, constantly driving them into your head, and then refers to the events portrayed as an ‘unspeakable tragedy’ . .. .despite the fact that they have four different talking heads analyzing it 24 hours a day. Often times disaster porn is used to generate financial support. Most commonly associated with 9/11, where every mention of the “terrorist outrage” was followed by an infomercial for NYPD t-shirts and American flag bumper stickers.
    “This is just horrible. I can’t even bear to look.” Said Geraldo Rivera as he rewound the disaster porn tape of the World Trade Center collapsing for the 10,000th time that day. “Buy ‘I LOVE AMERICA’ bumper stickers and NYPD hats now!..” [ urban dictionary definition, ]

    So MSNBC’s Ali Velshi had to cut away from cogent and appropriate discussion about global warming to a live rescue to keep viewers’ appetite for disaster porn sated. Once the two victims were safely raised into the chopper. the interview resumed.

    Sigh. TV ratings and gimmicks, and Russian manipulation of media and data are all how we ended up with the Cheetohlini in the White House. CBS’ news chief and other networks’ bean-counters have unabashedly admitted they made millions on Trump’s constant campaign blather, and that they saw ratings shoot up when he was on their air.

    A more recent observation about ‘disaster porn’ here: It’s worth reading.

    End of rant.

    Bleuz00m, with two zeroes

    • Spot on re disaster porn. As to the AJ reporter being cut off intentionally, maybe so, but it’s more likely in the current situation, as we’ve seen many times that communication lines failed.

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