Harvey Forces New Conversation on Climate

August 30, 2017

And it’s not just Harvey – severe flooding events are dominating news across the planet.

4 Responses to “Harvey Forces New Conversation on Climate”

  1. redskylite Says:

    After reading a strong article in Think Progress from Joe Romm on the subject of the EPA accusing Climate Scientists of “politicizing” the shocking events in Texas, I googled to see who else was taking this tack of mistaking or deliberately misleading plain physics as politics, and yes it was the usual suspects who were “disgusted” that is Fox news, breitbart, daily caller and all. Who are they trying to kid ? it must be the youngsters who are getting used to seeing flooded communities and maybe think it normal.

    And I do not see too much news about the convoy of helpers that Mexico sent, o;ly in minority press and reuters is it reported.


    HOUSTON – The Mexican government may not be willing to pay for Trump’s border wall, but they are putting their money to good use this week.Even with the frayed relations between the United States and Mexico brought on by the Trump administration, the Mexican government is coming to the aid of those negatively impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

    And, despite Donald Trump saying as he annonced his candidacy for president that Mexico only sends their worst, a Mexican Marine convoy of good individuals is coming!


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