Texas Braces for Major Hurricane

August 24, 2017


Weather Underground:

Hurricane Warnings and Storm Surge Warnings are up for portions of the coast of Texas as rapidly intensifying Tropical Storm Harvey heads north-northwest at 10 mph over the Gulf of Mexico. Harvey was still a tropical depression at 10 pm CDT Wednesday night, but has explosively intensified in the early morning hours, and is almost certain to be a hurricane later today. Update: The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has upgraded Harvey to a Category 1 hurricane with 80-mph sustained winds as of noon CDT Thursday. If you live on the coast of Texas, please heed the advice of local emergency management officials, and get out today if you live in an evacuation zone. Tropical storm-force winds may arrive along the coast of Texas as early as 8 am CDT Friday, making evacuation difficult thereafter, according to the latest National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast.hurricenaharvy

Washington Post:

Harvey rapidly intensified Thursday morning in the central Gulf of Mexico, and it officially became a hurricane early in the afternoon. The extremely dangerous storm is predicted to strengthen and plow into southeast Texas on Friday as the first major hurricane, rated Category 3 or higher (on the 1-5 Saffir-Simpson intensity scale), to strike U.S. soil in 12 years.

An incredible amount of rain, 15 to 25 inches with isolated amounts of up to 35 inches, is predicted along the middle and upper Texas coast, because the storm is expected to stall and unload torrents for four to six straight days. The National Hurricane Center said it expects “devastating and life-threatening” flash flooding.



7 Responses to “Texas Braces for Major Hurricane”

  1. realthog Says:

    In a way it seems hard to sympathize with the inhabitants of a state that has fairly overwhelmingly voted over the years in favor of science denialism, yet I have friends there who’re perfectly rational and who abhor the scientific illiteracy of their fellow-Texans; moreover, even stupid people don’t deserve to pay with their lives for their stupidity (I think; certainly their luckless kids don’t). So fingers crossed that all those in the path of Harvey escape unscathed.

  2. wpNSAlito Says:

    Remembering that the max push is along the NE quadrant of the storm, it looks like Galveston Bay will be hit hard by the salt-water surge, but everybody will be able to enjoy rain bombs. 😦

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Is Harvey divine retribution for electing the likes of Cruz, Gohmert, Smith, and Barton?

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