China Works to Boost Solar, Dampen Deserts

August 17, 2017

As US gives up leadership in Environment and the energy explosion of the new century, China gratefully takes over.

CGTN- Chinese English Broadcasting:

Desertification threatens the environment as well as local economies in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. An experiment is being carried out in the Kubuqi desert to control desertification and even turn the area green.

From one tree to 480 million! Just north of Beijing is Saihanba, the world’s largest man-made forest. The “Great Green Wall” acts like an environmental sheild and protects north China from sandstorms.

Located in northern China’s Hebei Province, the Saihanba National Forest Park stretches across 185,000 acres of forest. Saihanba was once a royal retreat thanks to its cool summer weather and hunting area, however, the region turned into a desert by the end of the Qing dynasty due to forest fires, deforestation and constant wars.


3 Responses to “China Works to Boost Solar, Dampen Deserts”

  1. wpNSAlito Says:

    It looks like the start of the rehabilitation of the Saihanba was done from the “strongly encouraged” labor of Mao’s Great Leap Forward. Just from that short clip, I’m wondering if they’re overmanaging fire prevention.

  2. Gingerbaker Says:

    Interesting to see concerted efforts to reverse desertification. It could do a lot to help lower [C02] levels if it were done on a massive scale.

    The first video shows that the reversal of desertification takes irrigation and plantings. It evidently is not a simple consequence of putting solar farms in a desert. It remains a desert, evidently, which raises the question of whether Koch brother-backed environmental astroturfing lobbying efforts, which were successful in taking all of Arizona off-limits to solar farm development, are based on any science whatsoever.

    The argument is that American desert ecosystems must be protected at all costs. So, does putting up a solar farm actually affect the desert ecosystem? Here , it would seem, is some evidence that perhaps it does not.

  3. webej Says:

    Obviously the Chinese are engaged in futile efforts to expand solar and wind energy, protect the environment, re-invent nuclear energy, and undo desertification. Obviously a socialist left-wing loser strategy. I mean how much more left-wing can you get than the communist party, who started this weenie tree-hugging hippie reforestation.
    Luckily we have Trump and Bannon, playing 4-D chess fearlessly to anchor our future: they’re going to keep the USA in contention as world hegemon by engaging in trade wars and doubling down on subsidized coal. Such entrepreneurial innovation is sure to show the world in short order who has the superior thinking!

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