Finally, Some Good News. Bug Burgers Coming.

August 16, 2017


But are they gluten free?


Swiss shoppers will soon get the chance to buy burger patties and meatballs made out of beetle larvae as supermarket chain Coop tests consumers’ appetite for less-common alternatives to beef and pork.

The mealworm burger patties, which also contain rice, carrots and spices such as oregano and chili, will cost 8.95 francs ($9.24) for a pack of two, spokesman Urs Meier said by phone. The bug balls will sell at the same price for a pack of 10, and both products hit shelves of select stores on Aug. 21.

“These products are perfectly suited for those who want to learn about the culinary diversity of insects,” Coop procurement manager Silvio Baselgia said in a statement. Coop suggests eating the insect balls in pita bread with fresh vegetables and smothered in yogurt sauce.

Bugs have taken a long time to make it on mainstream menus even though United Nations food experts have argued that they can satisfy meat cravings without all the damage to rain forests and depletion of water. Edible insects have a long culinary tradition in African and Asian cultures, though their high-grade animal protein is only available in a few locations in Europe, such as the U.K. restaurant Grub Kitchen.

Mealworms, which are beetle larvae, have a mild flavor that becomes slightly nutty when roasted, according to insect-eating blog

The burgers will cost about twice the price of Coop’s Naturplan Bio organic beef burgers, and almost five times as much as the least expensive burgers in its online store.

The products will first be available at stores in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Winterthur, Lugano, Lausanne and Geneva, plus online. The retailer said it plans to offer a wider selection of edible insects at more stores by year-end.


14 Responses to “Finally, Some Good News. Bug Burgers Coming.”

  1. Actually, a lot of activity in this area. My favorite (because I had a chance to coach them on their pitch) is Six Foods…

  2. You’re probably just kidding about “Are they gluten-free?” but please don’t go there.

    Celiac disease is rare, and yet, way too many people give up gluten and foolishly claim to feel better.

    If anyone is worried, get the blood test. Most likely, your doctor will send you home and tell you to eat sandwiches with reckless abandon.

    In any case, bug burgers sound lovely. Why is Europe leading the way on this?

  3. wpNSAlito Says:

    Bugs or no bugs, I’d like to find some meatless hot dogs like those I ate in Massachusetts in the 80s. I put so much junk on mine (mustard, relish, onions), that the dog itself is largely for texture.

  4. Gingerbaker Says:

    You would have to pay me to eat this stuff. And I still would not eat it.
    Bon appetite.

  5. Tom Bates Says:

    I tell you what, I will eat beef, you eat the insects, I have a surplus of insects and will send you all mine. My kids are not going to eat insects either even if we have to send the army to make sure the third world practices birth control.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      WARNING! Bates’ “surplus of insects” are the larvae that have been eating his brain. Anyone who eats them risks getting a variant of mad cow disease called “moronic climate change denier disease” (MCCDD). BEWARE!

      And I love the irony of “send the army”—-Bates would send OTHER people’s children to war so that HIS children don’t have to eat bugs—spoken like a true plutocrat.

  6. Tom Bates Says:

    You might note the recipe calls for yogurt which if memory serves me correctly comes from milk which is mostly from cows which if memory serves me correctly are beef as well. Apparently you cannot eat insects directly even if you are a wacko.

    Rice requires huge areas of cleared land and plenty of water along with tons of chemicals. That rice destroyed wildlife habitat in the millions of hectors so maybe the wackos do not mind destroying the world, they only want the appearance of being for Mother Ghia.

  7. dumboldguy Says:

    As the population grows and climate change negatively impacts agriculture, we are at some future point likely going to have to “eat bugs”. The Chick-fil-A cow saying “Eat Mor Chikin” will morph into a chicken saying “Eat Mor Bugs” as we slide lower on the food chain.

    Just hope that we don’t get to the Soylent Green stage—although from a resource utilization standpoint, it does make sense to use dead humans for something useful rather than just bury them—for instance, I suggest that Bates and his ilk be freeze-dried and used for doorstops or paperweights.

    • Gingerbaker Says:

      “As the population grows and climate change negatively impacts agriculture, we are at some future point likely going to have to “eat bugs””

      I really hope you are wrong about this. Because by the time we are reduced to needing to eat bugs, society is almost certain to have collapsed. We will be eating each other in places, and dying off like mad. People will do almost anything when they have had nothing to eat for a week.

      The bright spot for us Americans is that our population, and the populations of most 1st world nations is pretty much stabilized already. The real growth will take place in areas where people 1) don’t burn much carbon and 2) have never had enough to eat.

      Which means, if we are lucky, our breadbaskets will not be decimated in 100 years, our grasslands will persevere, and we all could be happily cooking our T-bones on electric grills. And distributing food to everyone on the planet, as our global population level falls.

      But if we do not build our RE fast enough, or get unlucky with feedbacks, we are going to miss the crucial temperature mark. And our ability to raise enough food to feed even ourselves is going to be in real jeopardy. And then, it is over for the civilization we know.

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