You’ll Never Guess What Holocaust Deniers Think About Climate Science

August 13, 2017


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Climate Deniers like to cry about being called Climate Deniers, because, they say,  that’s meant to remind people of “Holocaust Deniers”.

Well,… yeah.

No, I won’t give them a link. You’ll just have to trust me.  The Nazi website cuts and pastes a story from Marc Morano’s Climate Depot site, then comments –

Daily Stormer:

The fact that they were able to pull off this hoax – and are in fact still pulling it off, though to a slightly less extent – should make us question everything else about the mainstream narrative of what is happening in reality.

There was never any evidence for this hoax. The ice core samples show the opposite of what they say they show. The whole thing was just a massive lie, where all of these people were just lying straight to your face.

Global warming, while not as important of a hoax as the Holocaust, is almost a bigger hoax. The Holocaust was said to have happened in the 40s, when information was exactly six million times harder to come by than today. Also, all of the “evidence” was sealed behind the iron curtain, so no one could even investigate the sites where it was supposed to have happened until the 90s. By the time people went there in the 90s and were like “um, there are no gas chambers here, the one that they are saying is a gas chamber is a “reconstruction,” and there are no mass graves at all or any evidence that any more than a few people died of starvation and disease in these work camps” the narrative was already fixed.

Global warming was just a straight lie to your face about information you have easy access to.

And they have gotten away with it.

They follow with a link to “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, starring John Christy.


FYI, if your crazy nephew is a Nazi, you can share some more accurate information in regard to the Climate Depot piece, below.

Carbon Brief:

A number of climate scientists have been quick to point out that Lawson is completely wrong to claim that the average global temperature has “slightly declined” since 2007. In stark contrast to Lawson’s claim, the global surface temperature over this period has risen, with the three hottest years on record occurring in 2014, 2015 and 2016.




34 Responses to “You’ll Never Guess What Holocaust Deniers Think About Climate Science”

  1. andrewfez Says:

    Climate Change Denial: Not racist, but #1 with racists.

  2. […] News, in a break from procedure, made footage of white supremacist/climate deniers marching in Charlottesville available to non-HBO […]

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