Seems Like a Good time for This

August 13, 2017

Full video below:



5 Responses to “Seems Like a Good time for This”

  1. wpNSAlito Says:

    *sigh* The more things change, the more they stay insane.

  2. 1) Go to the daily stormer web-site
    2) Search for the term “global warming”
    3) Scan through search results.
    4) Soak keyboard and mouse in a basin of bleach.
    5) Thoroughly clean hands and eyes with Lysol.
    6) Repeat (4) and (5) as needed.

  3. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Terrifying parallels to what Trump et al has done and is doing.
    Weren’t children taught this stuff to be inoculated against such toxic ideology?
    I hope reason returns before much more damage is done, and lives lost.
    Now lighting a candle for Heather.

  4. Don Osborn Says:

    In this time of Charlottesville, climate deniers, and “alt-facts” it is fitting to remember that this is not new. This is, indeed, the play book for people like white supremacists, the alt-right, climate deniers, and Trump and is very relevant again today.

    “These men had won their struggle for power. … but still had trouble with their oldest and most persistent enemy, the truth. They found truth does not die easily. So they decided to abolish truth.” [with alt-facts and denial]. Watch and see if it does not ring as true today as in 1947.

    • Lionel Smith Says:

      Yes Don, other zombies will be resurrected, Joseph McCarthy for rooting out liberal communists, Cotton Mather and Samuel Sewall for the dealing with the witches that believe in AGW.

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