Maxine Waters: #Russiagate About Gas and Oil

August 6, 2017

Anyone that didn’t get this after the appointment of Rex Tillerson is apparently waiting for a skywriting plane to spell it out.


4 Responses to “Maxine Waters: #Russiagate About Gas and Oil”

  1. mailtemp1234 Says:

    The whole Russia scandal is because the democrats are jealous that the Republicans get the Exxon Oil bribe payoffs instead of them. Anyone who thinks Democrat Politicians are not in the pockets of lobbyists and corruption is a blind fool to the Scam that Clinton had selling state favors to the highest bidders. The only good thing to happen in US Politics was the election of Trump who is hated by the establishment and by republicans and democrats alike because they are are ALL corrupt and taking billions in payoffs from there corporate masters. There is no way the US political system will do what is right and people are Naive to think so.
    If people think Bernie had a chance they are also failing to read Wikileaks and see that the entire Democrat Committee is corrupt as well.
    If you happen to be one of the stupid left wingers out there who want more Socialism and more power given to the government then congratulations for handing over what freedom you have left to people with MASSIVE corrupt deceitful characters who will do absolutely nothing you want. The LEFT has always been the Fascists in history and will always be the National Socialists who make promises they cannot deliver not even care to.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      First, Maxine Waters is deserving of being added to the national treasures list—-when it comes to russia-putin-exxon-tillerson-trump, she gets it, and Mueller et al are likely uncovering much of interest there.

      Second, the skywriting plane apparently didn’t make it to mailtemp’s neighborhood, but if it did, those RWNJ Libertarian virtual reality glasses he wears kept him from seeing what it spelled out.

      He rants about “massive corrupt deceitful characters” but says “The only good thing to happen in US Politics was the election of Trump”? Lord love a hundred ducks and send maitemp to Mar-a-Lago for 17 days!

      The skywriting plane HAS flown over Peter’s house many times—take a look at the several Crock posts that show that, the most recent being “Reminder: Exxon, #Carbonbubble, at Center of #Russiagate”.

      (That said, mailtemp IS smart enough to see that the American political system is in deep trouble—-too bad his understanding of fascism-socialism-democracy and “left-right” is so confused that he can;t see why).

  2. mailtemp1234 Says:

    dumboldguy does not know history – the LEFT constantly tries to smear the conservative right as Racists and Fascists yet the left constantly acts exactly like INTOLERABLE fascists as can be seen in the fake media and violence from the LEFT.

    1 – The Democrats were the party of Slavery – NOT 1 republican ever owned a slave
    2 – Mussolini and Hitler were SOCIALISTS and got many ideas from the DEMOCRATS
    3 – FASCISM is a SOCIALIST construct, Trump is a BUSINESSMAN who despises Government regulation and control and is therefore not a Fascist or a corrupt politician whose every word is a LIE, Trump says what he thinks what politician would ever do that ? , I could care less if he is not PC.

    Conservative right thinking people do not want Big Government with Unlimited power and unlimited corruption.
    The LEFT wants socialism which leads to communism and makes everyone poor except the people in power. The democrats are moving to the extreme LEFT and if they get power get ready for way higher TAXs and more DEBT and poverty, obamacare healthcare is 66% of the government expenses, the wasted money is trillions every year.
    These are facts of REALITY and Nobody wants to FACE reality.
    The Government is NEVER going to fix healthcare or global warming. The time to fix global warming has come and gone a long time ago. Every single projection is being exceeded, the Scientists at the Paris talks themselves privately stated the situation is FAR worse then is being publicly debated.

    Those who think we can fix the problem with technology are kidding themselves.
    EVERY person including YOU are unwilling to sacrifice there LIFESTYLES and economic situation on limited solutions anyway that will not work and are way to little too late. I am not a hypocrite who pretends to support false solutions that take money off other middle class hard working people.
    The USA and every country is doomed to face whats coming and only the blind and uneducated actually think we can fix it, we can only DEAL with the consequences and every SLOW moving government in the world will ONLY do that as they are forced to. Freedom is the only thing that matters, the government wants to control everything we do, I am not interested in seeing that happen , and I despise people that want to give the government more power to regulate our lives in ANY way. The poorest places in the USA are in the control of the Democrats and they will remain poor, because Free Capitalism when it actually exists is superior to centralist power that corrupt Democrats and corrupt Republicans of today promote.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yes, mailtemp surely does not know his “isms”—-he is a great representative of “ignorantism” though, one of the many hundreds of trendy “isms” you will find if you google. Actually, having some one read to him and explain the classic Ebenstein book “Today’s Isms: Socialism, Capitalism, Fascism, Communism, and Libertarianism” is what he needs to overcome his confusion. A great book has just been published that shows where the country really is today and which “ism” is winning—-“Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America” by Nancy MacLean.

      This comment of his is a Gish Gallop that can best be described as what a room would look like after 50 monkeys (or RWNJ Libertarians like mailtemp) engaged in an hour-long feces-throwing melee. Not much would stick to the walls though, and the footing would be very precarious (to say nothing of how bad it would smell).

      Talking to mailtemp about about history and political ideologies would likely be as productive as talking to Tommy-Poo Bates about science, but a couple of his more egregious idiocies should be pointed out.

      “The Democrats were the party of Slavery – NOT 1 republican ever owned a slave”
      Yes, that was true back in the days of John C. Calhoun, (and the Republican Party didn’t even exist until 1854, ~250 years after slavery arrived in America and less than 10 years before it was outlawed), but mailtemp is apparently unaware of the fact that the slave-owning Democrats (and Jim Crow/racist/segregation advocates of the past have morphed into the Republicans of today. One need only look at a map of the Red States to see that their core is the states of the old Confederacy (and note that they are also the poorest states in the country).

      “obamacare healthcare is 66% of the government expenses, the wasted money is trillions every year” Really? SIXTY-SIX percent? And trillions EVERY YEAR? JFC, but that is so insanely off the mark that it’s jaw-dropping!

      Need to stop—-might lose my breakfast if I continue reading mailtemp’s BS.

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