BBC at Black & Bloom/Dark Snow Camp

July 29, 2017

Don’t mind the funky intro above – I’m still looking for the original BBC piece, but this will do.

BBC correspondent and camera were recent visitors to the Black and Bloom camp, which I documented in a video a few months back.  It’s at a place called S-6, same place where I camped with Dark Snow in 2014, and in fact I passed close by in a chopper just a few days ago when I road along (just in and out) with another team going in not far away.

I went on to spend another week at a place called point 660, near the ice edge – more on that later – as I’m back in Kangerlussuaq now, and ready to fly out tomorrow. After rest, and a lot of sorting, a wealth of newly acquired imagery and interviews to come.

The first BBC piece (top) talks about the science, and the second focuses on life on the ice, which is fair enough. For a more detailed reminder of what the team is about, see my piece below.


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