Dark Snow 2017 Photo Update

July 17, 2017


Quick look at what’s going on.

My first three days in Greenland were spent in Ilulissat, which is home to one of the world’s fastest flowing Icestreams, which empties into Disko Bay, and, eventually the North Atlantic.  It’s been said the berg that sank the Titanic may well have been birthed here.
There is a UNESCO World Heritage site here, with well marked trails overlooking the ever changing flow of growling ice bergs.


“Am I really seeing that?” is a common sensation here, as below, what looks like a glimpse from the outskirts of Mordor.



I was working with the drone here on some practice runs – being really conservative, but the results are promising, and I’ll post when I can.



I’m now in Kangerlussuaq, waiting for a team to arrive in a few days, with whom I’ll be camping at a very interesting site about 40 kilometers east, on the ice edge.  Will update as I can, but will be off the grid for a while starting later this week.



2 Responses to “Dark Snow 2017 Photo Update”

  1. webej Says:

    Fantastic photos.

  2. Anyone see Lamar flying over?

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