Have Drone, Will Travel

July 10, 2017

After a successful fundraiser this spring, I am off to Greenland, flying tomorrow.

Our “Windsled Project” is already completed, and I’ll be debriefing ice chemist Ross Edwards after I get back.  If all goes well, there may be further activity on that front in coming campaigns.

One great new addition to my kit this year will be a Mavic drone, which I’ve been test flying locally – see above footage from dunes near Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore in Michigan.

My first stop will be Ilulissat, where I hope to get some good shots of the ice that pours off of the world’s fastest flowing ice stream. Then on to Kangerlussuaq, where I’ll stay at the International Science Support facility, and wait to catch up with Rutger’s Glacier Hydrologist Asa Rennermalm, who has kindly invited me to hang with her team at a very interesting place on the ice edge, called Camp 660.
This is an ideal setting for the drone, as there is a wide variety of terrain, and even wildlife in the area.

Fingers crossed I don’t dump the drone in the drink, or down a crevasse. In any case, hope to come back with some updated info from the Northern Hemisphere’s climate ground zero.

Still time to contribute if you missed it in May.

One Response to “Have Drone, Will Travel”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Looks like you’ve got the drone piloting down pat. Steady and well controlled, and should allow you to get some good shots while not getting too close to “the edge”. Stay safe and have fun!

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