Trump: Solar Powered Hate

June 22, 2017

Trump announces magical wall will be solar powered.
I’m told, that as communicators, we’re not supposed to make jokes about the stupidity of Trump voters, – because it makes them sad.
But c’mon, people.

Fox and Friends are on board, of course.

President refers to the wall “..keeping drugs out..”. Really?
It’s going to keep all that Vicodin, oxycontin, fentanyl, and Norco that drug companies are flooding into rural areas, that patients, of course, demand…and that the new health care bill will likely not adequately address.

Right, that should do it.


27 Responses to “Trump: Solar Powered Hate”

  1. vierotchka Says:

    I suspect that wall is for keeping Americans in and not keeping Mexicans out…

  2. ubrew12 Says:

    I’m sensing a shift here, of ways to get Fox News viewers to support green energy. They still can never admit they were wrong about global warming, but if we give them a way to go green consistent with their values, they may just go for it to prevent what they really, in the dead of night, already know is going on. Some ideas:
    1) Of course, solar-powered border wall. Great idea!
    2) Hummers with deployable wind-turbines for downhill energy recapture.
    3) ‘MAGA’ hat with solar-powered fan at the top.
    4) NASCAR track lined with wind turbines.
    5) porta-potties that convert waste to electricity (for militia encampments, post-apocalypse-homesteads, etc).
    6) home-generators powered off assault-rifle fire. As long as you got ammo, you got electricity!

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Trump must be spending too much time in the sun without his MAGA hat. The border wall will be SOLAR? JFC, but that’s crazy.

    I do love Trump’s Mussolini-like delivery, though, Shave his head, put him in a dictator’s uniform, and watch him strut like Benito. Takes me back to the newsreels of my childhood (and I DO recall pics of Mussolini’s corpse hanging upside down after partisans killed him).

  4. Tom Bates Says:

    The wall is not about hate, it is about keeping illegals out some of whom are criminals. The green wackos want things to be green, since the wall has a lot of south facing surface area why not make it solar collectors.

    The actual haters are you folks who simply hate Trump because he does not believe as you do. Rather than try and change his mind on the issues and that of his supporters by offering better ideas and policy, you would rather cut off his head and put it on a wall like the French revolution did to the establishment when they had their revolution.

    The actual science does not support you on your claims man is changing the climate so you simply resort to lies and hate. That tells us a lot about you and your mindset, the same mindset which supported Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao and Stalin to name a few bad actors.

    • Rob Kerr Says:

      People who rally against someone behaving like a dictator are the same as people who supported dictators? With that logic, it is not surprising you find climate science so confusing.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Bates has no idea what “logic” is, as he so often demonstrates with his illogical maunderings on Crock.

        Need anyone point out that Trump is now dismantling and destroying the “better ideas and policies” that we had in effect, and that trying to “change his mind” (puny and sick as it is) is not likely to produce results? The more logical conclusion is that an “off with their heads” (metaphorical, of course) will get better results.

        Throw the Repugnants out and impeach Trump for collusion with Russia and unethical and unconstitutional business dealings. The sooner the better, and then we can celebrate by hanging PICTURES of “Ill Dunce” upside down in public places while Trump is exiled to one of his golf courses.

        PS “…. since the wall has a lot of south facing surface area why not make it solar collectors” needs to be added to the Bates Stupidity Hall of Fame—-not a top-tenner, but worthy of note.

        • funslinger62 Says:

          “since the wall has a lot of south facing surface area why not make it solar collectors”

          That’s probably the only thing Bates has ever said here on Crock that actually comports with reality.

  5. webej Says:

    It’s not the lack of a wall that’s the cause of so many illegal aliens: it’s policy at so many levels. Unless policies makes sense, walls and shit will matter very little one way or the other.

  6. dumboldguy Says:

    BTW, Oliver does another great job of imparting a lot of good info in an entertaining way. The Opioid segment is nearly as good as his coal piece.

    And I wonder if anyone is investigating whether Putin and friends are in some way behind this new drug crisis—-anything to weaken the USA.

    • vierotchka Says:

      America does a fine job of weakening itself all by itself, it doesn’t need the help of anyone. The new drug crisis is largely due to Afghanistan’s poppy fields, opium and derivatives being bought and exported/imported by the US military.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Really? It’s LARGELY due to the freaking US MILITARY running drugs? JFC, but that’s crazy.

        Stupid, stupid deluded woman. (Or another clever move by the team of vodka addled, STD carrying, pimply faced russian hackers in a basement in Moscow pretending to be “Vierotchka”—-anything to disrupt and distract).

        And stop giving yourself (yourselves) thumbs up when you post the comment—-transparent and dumb—-and shows your insecurity—-wait for DweebyJ or one of the other morons to do it for you.

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