Coal Baron Sues Comic

June 22, 2017

If you saw John Oliver’s satirical piece on the joys of coal and coal mining, (posted here) – that’s earned him a legal threat from the coal baron he made fun of.
Coal barons don’t like being made fun of.



4 Responses to “Coal Baron Sues Comic”

  1. mboli Says:

    “Most never went to trial” might mean that they settled with Murray, no?

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Murray has any “character” or “reputation”to assassinate?

    I wonder if he sued this guy that called him a “documented piece of shit” (twice), and “the coal industry’s biggest asshole”?

    Like the Very Very Huge Orange Asshole living in the White House and pretending to be POTUS, Murray must think that going on the offensive makes him less offensive. Does Murray tweet, I wonder?

    • Phil Scadden Says:

      Maybe Murray’s defense is that there is an even bigger arsehole in the coal industry – Australia favourite coal mum perhaps?

  3. David Tyler Says:

    I would not like a job with Murray energy. Fortunately there are unlikely to be any except for lawyers. I would have thought they were all busy dealing with Chapter 11. Something else Murray has in common with “The Donald”.

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