John Oliver on Paris Pullout

June 5, 2017



12 Responses to “John Oliver on Paris Pullout”

  1. talies Says:

    Not available in UK 😦

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    One lawsuit could stop Trump wrecking our planet. And here’s the kicker — it’s a case brought by 21 children!

    After 5 years of battling motions to dismiss their case, a US court ruled that 21 young people suing the US government have a constitutional right to a safe climate. Now, a Federal court is hearing their case against the President in weeks!

    If they win, Trump will be forced to reign in the fossil fuel industry! This case could change everything.

    But these are just children from small US towns. They don’t have sufficient funds for their tiny team of attorneys to fight Trump and the oil industry’s fire with fire.

    => Back the climate children!

  3. Darth Trump’s Climate Alliance Exit #Episode I “Hope”

  4. dumboldguy Says:

    Excellent stuff. John Oliver gets it.

    The video clip of Trump speaking just after the 6:30 mark is frightening enough to be in a horror movie—-the fact that someone that mentally ill is president of the USA has as much impact as the closing scene in Carrie.

  5. indy222 Says:

    The IPCC Carbon Budget, widely interpreted as human-emissions carbon budget – is flatly wrong. Read what IPCC scientist David Wasdell has to say about that budget. Read what Nobel physicist Steven Chu has to say about it. “A document of appeasement”. We’re heading well past 2C even if we get serious about cutting emissions and eliminating human emissions by mid century. Permafrost melt and albedo feedback in the Arctic guarantee that. And if, as post-IPCC work indicates, ECS is not 3C but more like 5C, it’ll get very grim as the 21st Century goes forward. Everyone – EVERYONE is on the bandwagon of the spin-meister policy people and no one wants to rock the circus – “Growth Uber Alles / Jobs and Climate Salvation and Economic Growth Too! We can have it ALL!” . Bread and Circuses, all the better to scam the average folks for a few more years while the Economic Elites feather their bunkers with the loot.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      You are right. At today’s 405ppm, we’ll hit 2 C by end of century, exclusive of the coal aerosol effect and the permafrost effect. Each of these adds 0.5 C to that, so we’re in for 3 C by 2100, even if we never put a single molecule of CO2 into our atmosphere after today.
      That 3 C is the same thermal distance above pre-industrial as the last ice age was below it. As common sense, therefore, we should expect 3 C is where ‘things fall apart’. As it happens the climate models, married to economic models, agree with our common sense. At 3 C of anomaly, these economic models basically give up trying to predict the future: too many things go wrong to even claim a future: ‘things fall apart’. That is the territory we are heading for.
      This excludes geoengineering, which I have great hopes for. Hence, I guess we’ll see how this century turns out. But we are tasking the engineers of the future to solves the problems we willingly foisted on them today. I wouldn’t blame them if they took it personally.

      • indy222 Says:

        Pre-Industrial temperatures were more like 5C above the depth of the last Ice Age. And excluding the permafrost melt and the heating due to lack of pollution aerosols, are both a big deal, so neglecting those is far too convenient for those who would have you “stay the course” and not rock the boat of the status quo. As Richard Alley pointed out, paleo studies show that even if we were to stay at 400 ppm, we’d end up melting Greenland and West Antarctica and some of East Antarctica, and raise sea levels by about 80ft. Hardly a “safe level”. I wish more people besides James Hansen would emphasize this ludicrous 2C “safe” limit is a “prescription for disaster”. Our media is a disgrace, and in this realm, the liberal media is deficient as well (but yeah – far better than Fox and Friends).

        • ubrew12 Says:

          “more like 5C” I was basing my 3C on this graph:

          In which the last several ‘ice ages’ were 4F to 8F below the holocene, which, on average, is 6F = 3.3 C. I apologize if this is incorrect. I typically try not to speculate on humanity past 2100 because, the way technology is developing, its really hard to say. But as regards Earth, its certainly true that, in the fullness of time, a 25 ft to 125 ft (average 75 ft) sea level rise is on order, even at today’s 400 ppm.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Some additional thoughts from RealClimate.

        • trumpera Says:

          Thanks for that.

          In reading the comments though, I noticed Russell Cook throwing his 2 cents in, and on one responded to him. Curious.

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