Elon Musk, in Paris, on Climate

June 2, 2017


Good a time as any to focus this lucid discussion of climate issues and solutions from the most dynamic business leader in the world at the moment.


When your brilliant creative minds are going in one direction, and your political leadership is going in another, that should be an indicator.

Below, more Musk, and others, on the birthing of a solar age. I’m working on an update, but this one still very vital and appropriate to the moment.

2 Responses to “Elon Musk, in Paris, on Climate”

  1. funslinger62 Says:

    If Musk thinks a carbon tax is a good idea then it probably is. As he said, a carbon tax is basically an anti-subsidy for FFs. Uncharged externalities are equivalent to subsidies. A carbon tax turns those externalities into a liability.

  2. I am really glad that Musk finally dumped Trump. I was confused when after campaigning against Trump so he wouldn’t be president, he decided to serve on some of his councils. I did get that he wanted to be like a voice of reason amongst all these idiots but still. I think it is better for Musk’s business and environmental businesses if he was not part of Trump’s councils. Read the story here

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