Dark Snow: Windsled Update

May 30, 2017


First phase of Field season 2017 is already underway.
Dark Snow Project is supporting Snow Chemist Ross Edwards in an ice sheet transit via the amazing Wind Sled – a new initiative in Green Science in the arctic.
Fundraiser is still going on, almost to our goal – see post elsewhere on this page.


Phase 2 will be when I go to Greenland in July, more on that as plans gel.


Jason Box has been tweeting out Ross’s updates from the ice.





5 Responses to “Dark Snow: Windsled Update”

  1. vierotchka Says:

    Amazing! Such a simple and clever solution!

  2. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    If “Mad Max” is set in a hot post-apocalyptic environment, then this is “Mad Min” in a cold pre-apocalyptic environment!

    • dumboldguy Says:


      The WindSled is indeed a clever idea and appears to work quite well. When working against the wind, does it “tack” by sending the kite off to the side?

      • Andy Lee Robinson Says:

        Yes, I’m pretty sure it can tack though probably not as well as an ocean yacht.
        Parafoil kites are only really effective within a 45° cone downwind, so going against the wind would be a struggle and require a lot of tacking for little gain.

        I expect they will just have to wait for favourable winds for the return journey, or just continue and be extracted on the other side.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Looked it up, and the WindSled has made some quite long trips—-out and back in triangular circuits—so it does appear that it tacks well enough.

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