Despite Dilbert, it’s Data, not Models

May 23, 2017

I was already working on this video when Scott Adam’s laughably unfunny attempt to have Dilbert do climate science appeared, and set the denia-sphere atwitter.


Some will still prefer the cartoon version of science, but fortunately, there are real experts to set the record straight, and I talk to them regularly.

I promised Mr Adams that a video was coming to help him out.
Here ’tis.

Below, compare model projections from 40 years ago, via archival footage, with actual observations from today.  Eye Opening.


6 Responses to “Despite Dilbert, it’s Data, not Models”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Are the USA still in the NATO?

  2. I used to read Adams’ blog but I had to quit years ago because his rhetoric was getting beyond what I would be willing to call reasonable. I had no idea that he had gone full nut-job though. I took down my Dilbert calendar and won’t be buying any more.

  3. ubrew12 Says:

    Dilbert seemed to indicate he didn’t ‘trust the economic models’. I reiterate that that is not his choice. He can only trust certain models more than others. If you’re going to advocate a course of action (in Dilberts case that advocacy appears to be ‘no action’ on fossil emissions, which unfortunately for Dilbert is STILL a course of action), you can only do so, rationally, by making a prediction about the future regarding how your course of action will play out. On the subject of climate change that includes BOTH a climate model and an economic model. So, when Dilbert says he doesn’t ‘trust the economic models’ that’s not true. What he means to say is he trusts certain models more than others. Likewise models of climate. Dilbert, and Lamar Smith, are advocating a course of action (which is: ‘no action’ on fossil emissions) based on models, both economic and climate, that they trust more than the well-documented standard models found in the peer-reviewed literature. It’s incumbent on the rest of us to confront such people, tell them that if they are advocating a course of action (even if that is ‘no action’), they are doing so on the basis of a prediction, and that was made from a model (or models: both climate and economic). To NOT confront such people is to allow them to bask in a fantasy world-view cherry-picked for them by the Koch Brothers and Vladimir Putin: that common-sense people just ACT without considering their options through models and predictions.

    The sad fact is, if you’re driving and looking for a McDonalds, and you decide to turn left to get to the one closest to you, you made a prediction, and that prediction was based on a model, in your head, about the streets you are driving through. I say this to illustrate: models are not made ‘against’ common sense: they ARE common sense.

  4. Sir Charles Says:

    That’s the model Dilbert trusts:

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