Whose Side are You On? Predictably, Climate Deniers Side with Authoritarian Attack on America

May 10, 2017

Above, Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, well known for pursuing and harassing climate scienctists during his tenure, (significantly, and not coincidentally, seeking scientist’s personal emails, preferred MO of Russian hackers since 2009) defends President Trump’s firing of Attorney General James Comes.

Below, Fox News stays true to their mission in disseminating distortions and confusion about what is happening.


and further, with Secretary of State and former Exxon CEO looking on approvingly, Russian foreign Minister Laptov mocks US media questions about the Comey firing.

9 Responses to “Whose Side are You On? Predictably, Climate Deniers Side with Authoritarian Attack on America”

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  2. webej Says:

    It was a ridiculous performance when Comey laid out all the points that should lead to an indictment of Hillary Clinton, only to back off and say there was no case. The latter was mostly predicated on how difficult it would be to establish intent (mens re is always difficult to establish), except that everybody knows that (gross) negligence does not require intent, and the statute does not mention it (and many others have been condemned for pecadillos in terms of classified information protocols). All in all, even though Comey may have a lot of personal integrity, he certainly has not done the image of the FBI as being above the political fray any good.
    The fact that “Fast & Furious” and the Robo-signed affidavits never went anywhere already made the FBI look political, especially the news that the serious fraud office was gutted (shifting resources to Homeland security) just when everybody was concluding there was an epidemic of mortgage fraud in 2004 across the nation in the run up to the GFC.
    Truly looking forward to any publically available evidence in the on-going investigation of Russian control of the US state.

    • Russian troll No. 2 shows up only to once again make a statement denying Russian interference in our election.

      Comey was not fired over his handling of Clinton emails.

      Comey was fired because Trump is scared re the continuing revelations about he and his cronies regarding their treasonous actions related to Russia.

      In other words, the testimony from Yates, et al, set him off.

      Trump is a treasonous dirtbag who desperately needs impeachment, along with his entire dirty administration. Including Pence.

      Paul Ryan is surely in the mix somehow.

      We will see.

      • webej Says:

        Did I deny Russia’s interference in the US election? Nope. Just said I was looking forward to the revelation of any publicly available evidence.

        Did I speculate on the reason for Comey’s dismissal? Nope. Have no way of froming an opinion at present. Just saying he and the FBI have been disqualifying themselves as above the political fray for quite some time.

        The troll narrative is kind of a weak argument. You cannot possibly have any reason to think I am a Russian troll. Don’t speak Russian, never been there, work >60 hours at my day job. Been to the US many times though, so more reason to identify me as an American troll than a Russian one. Perhaps you could broaden your view of the world and realize that if somebody has a contrary opinion it doesn’t necessarily have to do with Russian allegiance or anything similar.

  3. Twitter was on fire yesterday re the #ComeyFiring, and that hashtag is now at the top of the trending list.

    I know whose side I’m on and it isn’t the side of the treasonous, mostly climate-denying Nazi types, errrr……right wing.

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