Climate Teach in From 350.ORG

April 29, 2017

The first Earth day was started in 1970 as a Teach-in at the University of Michigan.

Here’s a mini-Teach-in for today from

Below, part 2.


4 Responses to “Climate Teach in From 350.ORG”

  1. LOVE and Bill McKibben!

    You can keep up with happenings re the #climatemarch live here:

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    Great first video! The best I’ve seen in getting across the basics. And a pretty good second one, though not as good.

    Hansen talks about a rising fee (2:51) But it’s too late for a price on carbon to be the only or even the main way we stop using fossil fuels–the “ramping” up of price will be too slow, and since the rich countries don’t need any more electricity or primary energy, it’s a zero sum game; every watt added with efficiency, solar, wind etc means a watt of fossil or fissile fuels has to be dumped. It’s already happening, but to get to a high enough price for new renewables to push out old fossils will take too long, because without an actual revolution, the right won’t allow it to start out high enough.

    The only solution is government-business cooperation, led by government mandates in a climate mobilization. It has to be on about the same time-scale too, as the US WWII mobilization that won the war for the Allies. We have to nationalize the fossil fuel industry to shut it down; it’s the only way to eliminate at least 90% of fossil fuel use in 5-8 years. We need to do all that up front because there are some things that are going to take longer and be harder to fix: changing the landscape to put work near home; replacing old vehicle and housing stock; getting the last few percent of carbon out of steel and concrete making (although getting most of it out is going to be pretty simple); transforming large wasteful inefficient polluting industrial monoculture farms based on meat, feed, and annual commodities, to small-scale diverse pernnial-based low-meat organic farms.

    Building a global high speed rail network should happen quickly but will it? Reforestation of the planet is complex and involves moving quickly and massively toward radical global equality. That makes it one of the hardest parts of the whole deal, even harder than global land reform/redistribution. We have our work cut out for us; we have to get rid of the impediments in office pretty damn quickly and get on with it.

    • funslinger62 Says:

      A carbon tax and dividend need not be the only solution, but it’s the best one. You’re just simply wrong to say it isn’t. Capitalism got us in to this mess and it’s the best way to get us out of it.

      Level the playing field by making the price of fossil fuels match their costs to society and many things will happen. The two most important things will be a decline in fossil fuel use and an increase in renewal energy investment.

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