Bill Maher: Make Earth Great Again

April 23, 2017

Maybe Bill’s best rant ever.


20 Responses to “Bill Maher: Make Earth Great Again”

  1. MorinMoss Says:

    There is no Planet B

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    I have made many comments on Crock that going to Mars is a fool’s errand (and as big a scam as Solar Roadway). Glad to see that Maher agrees with me.

    EARTH FIRST! (I will make a sign saying exactly that for the climate march)

    • Tom Bates Says:

      If going to mars is a fools errand than going to the americas was a fools errand so you need to pack up and go back to where your ancestors came from which from most accounts was originally Africa. You will love the place as only fools left which left the smart and wise to stay for the last 40000 years.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Master Bates appears once again to display his incredible cluelessness. Only a total moron would attempt to conflate the spread of humankind from its roots in Africa to the mindless talk about going to Mars.

        (And he might want to check the 40,000 years figure—-it’s WAY off, just like most of Tommy-Poo’s plucked-from-his-anal-orifice “statistics”)

      • schwadevivre Says:

        Unsurprisingly you don’t know much about the colonisation of the Americas or about Out of Africa, you’re just as dumb on this subject as you are on everything else

  3. “Here’s an idea. If we’re going to take up a challenge to overhaul a planet, let’s do this one.”


    I am sick of billionaires who never really grew up. Idiots.

  4. stephengn1 Says:

    I’ve thought this for a long time

  5. Sir Charles Says:

    Who’s gonna tell this Mr Tramp eleven times in a row? Maybe he’ll devour it then.

  6. Sir Charles Says:

    Given that capitalism’s underlying logic renders it inherently unsustainable in the long term, it would seem that the system itself is utterly illogical, at least from the point of view of, you know, the survival of humankind.

    => The Earth versus capitalism

  7. petersjazz Says:

    Still now 20000 children dies starwing every day. So there is still room for improvments on earth.

  8. Nick Barnes Says:

    I have never met anyone who resembles the strawman Maher attacks here.

    • jpcowdrey Says:

      Not so much strawman as hyperbolic exaggeration for the sake of satire. I, for one, embrace the notion of Space Colonization as it proffers the imagining of long lists of those I would love to see emigrate.

  9. Tom Bates Says:

    I see the usual comments from people who refuse to look at reality including Mahers. The problem with the world is to many people which is far from getting fixed. the actual state of the world in any first world country is getting better not worse. The worse places are the third world which is the source of too many people as well. However, the third world is getting better by fits and starts as any traveler knows so maybe the world is not doomed.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Bates should watch the National Geographic documentary titled The Human Footprint and get educated on which folks are damaging the “state of the world” more and the “reality” of first world vs third world impacts. His ongoing state of cluelessness is a continuous source of amazement to me.

    • schwadevivre Says:

      The largest number of colonist that could be moved in one vessel on foreseeable technology is about 10.

      For every human carrying craft there would initially need to be 3 – 5 supply craft and at least 1 other supply mission per earth year.

      There would need to be at least 5 launches to build and cargo each craft of whatever type

      The interplanetary craft carrying vessels would cost on the order of $1 trillion each and we have nothing approaching the technology to transfer the masses involved.

      Earth to orbit vessels would cost about $10 million per launch

      Total cost would be on the order of $500 – $600 trillion

      In 2014 the Gross World Product was only $107 trillion

      You are an utter lamebrain

      • funslinger62 Says:

        Elon Musk is making a very vigorous effort to bring those costs way down. He’s already completed the first step by making first-stage booster rockets reusable.

        Here is a video of his proposed plan to get to and establish a permanent colony on Mars by 2050.

        While I agree that climate change is a serious problem that must be addressed quickly, it would be irrelevant if we discovered tomorrow a planet killing asteroid on a collision course that will impact in ten years. Science says we’re overdue for the next one.

  10. Jean Mcmahon Says:

    I think this talk of Mars or space is code for Giant Military Industrial complex ??

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Of course it is…..just another scheme for the corporatocracy and the the plutocracy to bleed money away from “good” causes and the 99% and into their over-inflated bank accounts.

      • funslinger62 Says:

        Elon Musk is not interested in profiting personally from his proposed Mars transportation system. He wants to make it affordable enough (under $200,000/person) that the cost from ticket sales can cover the cost of building the hardware and producing the fuel. I’m sure he wants other investors to get a reasonable return on their high risk investment, but hopefully there will be some investors like Musk who just want humanity to be multiplanetary to increase our chance of surviving for a very long time as a species.

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