How To Talk to Conservatives about Renewables ( Hint. Don’t talk about science. sigh)

April 18, 2017


Below, left meets right.


9 Responses to “How To Talk to Conservatives about Renewables ( Hint. Don’t talk about science. sigh)”

  1. Tom Bates Says:

    You can talk all you want about the science. Just stop spouting the usual lies about the science like the oceans are rising and will flood us out when the actual rise is 3 inches in the next 100 years, or that the arctic is melting away when it was ice free in the past for thousands of years in summer and somehow the methane was not the end of the world. Never mind that actual CO2 warming when measured was 4150 times less than actual current solar warming.

    Why not tell us how you want to put solar on your roof and buy an electric car and gasp, you will pay for those things from your own pocket.

    • Let’s see here:

      You start with a lie, (current measured sea level rise is four times the rate you claim and accelerating).

      You follow up with a statement that is, at best, misleading because it involves looking back before the Holocene to even get a ‘maybe true’ and possibly needing to go as far back as the Pliocene.

      Then you conclude with a lie of misdirection that ignores the impact a small flux can have when added to a pair of large, counteracting, fluxes.

      How about you start on a novel, at least than your predilection for fiction could be put to good use.

    • When are you going to retract (and apologize for) the lies you told about NASA/GISS nearly a year ago? You know, the lies I was able to debunk with some simple analysis of the GHCN raw temperature data?

      It’s coming up on a year now, and we are still waiting…

    • Mike Male Says:

      You are either completely shameless or a moron of epic proportions….or a shameless moron of epic proportions. Take your pick because there are no alternatives.

    • Lionel Smith Says:

      Bates, you are walking about naked, you arguments are so transparently thin. Not a pleasant sight seeing somebody with such wrinkled cognitive function.

  2. Don Osborn Says:

    Tom’s “talking points” are just the old distortions and misconceptions that his ilk love to post. Meanwhile, the rest of us can acknowledge that the increasing use of renewables and the hundred of thousands of American jobs they have created and the vast savings they represent are great to do Climate or not. Oh, and don’t fall for the old “but they are subsidized” argument. Yep, they are and fossil fuels are subsidized to an even greater amount, so get over it. Solar and wind would love a “level playing field”.

  3. Indebted to Crocks for yet another person to set straight. I’ve gotten into something of a Twitter fight with Ms Dooley, if you fellers wish to follow along. Interesting how she looks similar to Kellyanne Conway, but you don’t choose to trash her over that, or on her otherwise pro-Trump support. Pro-Putin, if I interpret your various narratives correctly. Selective love on Crocks part, wouldn’t you say?

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