Chuck Another Panel on the Rooftop, Mate

April 18, 2017

Bloody boomin down under, solar is.

4 Responses to “Chuck Another Panel on the Rooftop, Mate”

  1. Mike Male Says:

    Our retail electricity prices here in Australia have undergone accelerated growth over the past few years (since our carbon tax was axed by idiots) and are now so high that anyone who can afford to put panels on their roof, should. In my house, I have air conditioning and my partner and I both work from home. We also have a pool so our power usage is quite high. Without my panels it would cost us $4000 per year. With the panels and the tiny feed in tariff we are offered by our supplier, our power bills are now about $1500 per year. Given that the panels and inverter only cost $4100 two years ago, it has more than paid for itself. We plan to stay in this home for at least another 8 years so next year are getting extra panels and battery storage. Our system will also have the AI to determine our usage patterns over time and feed back into the grid at peak times when we can demand a much higher tariff at those times. Some back of the envelope calculations based on our usage and taking into account the initial cost of retrofitting (at today’s price) and the projected prices of electricity, our $12000 system should pay for itself in 2.5 years compared to having no solar and 6 years based on our current system. If we make some further adjustments to our usage patterns and replace our nearly spent hot water system with a solar hot water system we expect to be revenue positive. It will be nice to have the electricity suppliers pay off my system for me.

  2. Solar panels are the answer to this in Australia:

  3. Sir Charles Says:

    The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is about to start putting its money where its mouth is

    => Albuquerque Investing $25 Million In Solar Panels For City Buildings

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