Truth: New York Times Hires Science Denier

April 13, 2017

In the media world, as, it seems, in the political world, when you get to a certain strata, you simply can’t fail. The quintessential example is George Dubya Bush, who, had his name not been “Bush”, would have topped out selling used cars in Odessa, Texas.
Similar in big media.
No matter how many times you fuck up in ways that would get you shit canned from a real job, no matter how many times your prognostications are not only wrong, but ridiculously wrong (I’m looking at you Judith Miller) – the irresistible pull of gravity is up, not down – as it is for normal mortals.

Was hoping the shock of a Donald Trump presidency had filtered up to the more rarified levels –  there’s even been talk of the New York Times hiring more reporters for climate news.

But, no.

Presumably they’re  scouting Breitbart right now.

Think Progress:

The New York Times — which advertises itself as a defender of truth in the Trump era — just hired an extreme denier of climate science as a columnist.

Bret Stephens was most recently deputy editorial page editor for Rupert Murdoch’s deeply conservative and climate-denying Wall Street Journal, where, in 2015, he wrote that climate change — along with hunger in America, campus rape statistics, and institutionalized racism— are “imaginary enemies.” He will now take those views to the New York Times.

Stephens is unusually extreme and divisive even for a climate science denier, also comparing scientists and those who accept their findings to Stalinists, anti-semites, and communists.


The scientific findings that Stephens has repeatedly dismissed as “imaginary” are routinely published in the New York Times itself. And in an August job description, the New York Times called climate change “the most important story in the world.” Stephens calls it “hysteria.”

This hiring is “a very sad comment on the New York Times’ judgment,” Dr. Robert J. Brulle, a media expert at Drexel University, told ThinkProgress via email. Brulle, whom the Times itself has called “an expert on environmental communications,” said this hiring “contradicts their claim” in a new ad campaign that truth is “now more important than ever” to the Times.

In a fawning press release, the Times calls Stephens “a beautiful writer” who brings to the paper, “profound intellectual depth, honesty and bravery.”

Judge for yourself:

Stephens’ July 2008 column, titled, “Global Warming as Mass Neurosis,” begins, “last week marked the 20th anniversary of the mass hysteria phenomenon known as global warming. Much of the science has since been discredited.”

His December 2009 column, examining the motivations of those who accept the overwhelming consensus on climate change, says, “one of those [motivations], I suspect, is what I would call the totalitarian impulse. This is not to say that global warming true believers are closet Stalinists. But their intellectual methods are instructively similar.” He then goes on to compare climate climate scientists and those who accept their finding to anti-Semites and Communists.



17 Responses to “Truth: New York Times Hires Science Denier”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    NYT should buy this Bret Stephens a gas guzzler with asbestos in the air filter of its air conditioning system.

  2. NYT has 1 week to fire this guy. Then I cancel my subscription. I subscribed because I wanted to make a statement about fake news. This will be another.

  3. rsmurf Says:

    ” This is not to say that global warming true believers are closet Stalinists. But their intellectual methods are instructively similar.”

    Actually my intellectual methods go something like this. I never could plant tomatoes here until mid to late march because of freeze/frost now I can plant them in mid February. Why is this happening?

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