In the Age of Ridiculous, Ridicule Rules

April 4, 2017

In the last 4 decades, to be taken seriously, Journalists, who are oh, soooo serious, –  have come to rely on the “false balance” method, the cardinal sin being to call someone out for lying, or even venture to call attention to what is true, and who is a bullshitter.
The video above does a good job of showing why, more than ever, jesters oft prove prophets.


8 Responses to “In the Age of Ridiculous, Ridicule Rules”

  1. I would have pulled all of the hair on my head out by now without the refuge of political satire during the age of Trump.

    In 2017, I find myself thankful on a daily basis for political satire and our free press……it no longer requires much imagination to foresee what our world would be without it.

  2. Tom Bates Says:

    You folks seem to really like foaming at the mouth and shouting the world is ending. Why not simply acknowledge you message did not result in your candidate being elected despite her stealing the nomination with the collusion of the DNC. You have congressional elections coming up in two years and another try two years after that. How about coming up with policies that address the concerns of people who did not vote for Hillary?

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