Ad: Demand Investigation of PutinGate

March 15, 2017

Relevant here, of course, because its all about the oil.


16 Responses to “Ad: Demand Investigation of PutinGate”

  1. I meant to post this a day or to back under a more relevant thread, but is there any comment on this?
    A couple of newspapers in NZ had headlines on the story with the angle, “the ice loss isn’t all about us”.
    I feel the study must be missing some wider influences on the climate system, although I haven’t been able to access the actual study. With no part of the climate system being unaffected by human influence, I’m not sure “natural variability” exists any more.

  2. webej Says:

    Good grief.

  3. Tom Bates Says:

    Good Grief is correct, basically BS science offering an opinion as if that was reality.
    is an actual study using proxies which has the arctic with less ice than today for a very long time roughly 4000 years. I am pretty sure the Terminator was not down in Cuba smoking a heck of a lot of cuban cigars to release the CO2 to melt the ice.

    Since the arctic and the world is less warm than in 1000 AD unless of course trees found under a melting glacier in Alaska that old and older grew under ice
    a lot of present day ice patterns is a product of the little ice age which the world has been warming out of for 400 plus years, off and on.

    Since CO2 warming was actually measured from 2000-2009 and found to be 0.034F, that warmth is not actually melting the ice in the arctic, it is simply not enough heat.

    You folks can take all the action you want with your money. Eat insects, stop heating and cooling your home, stop working, Oh I forgot, you are all on welfare anyway as working is so old fashion. Just remember to kiss the feet of Obama, Hillary and Al Gore when you see them. Make it fast as they will be on the way to warmer climes using their private jets and limousines using your tax money to do it.

    • stephengn1 Says:

      What, pray tell, IS melting the ice and permafrost in the Arctic if not heat?

    • Dave Jewett Says:

      You just went full Trump. Never go full Trump.

    • Tommy, why is it that the articles you often quote basically debunk the point you try to make?

      Do you actually read them???

      To quote from the first one: “The cause of this sea-ice minimum, occurring between about 6000 and 10,000 years BP, is often attributed to the northern hemisphere Early Holocene Insolation Maximum (EHIM) associated with Earth’s orbital cycles (Jakobsson et al., 2010, Polyak et al., 2010 and Müller et al., 2012)”

      Orbital cycles, Tommy, Orbital cycles! Well understood by scientists and nothing to do with CO2 emissions. Of course such things don’t matter when you believe the earth is flat!

    • schwadevivre Says:

      I see you are Master Batesing again. Do you know what heat content is? so you have any understanding of cumulative effects?

      Given the content of your post apparently not.

      Then there is the unhinged rant in the final paragraph which demonstrates that you are a fan of a serial bankrupt, adulterous, abusive carnival barker who defrauds customers and contractors whilst lying about his contacts with the boyars of the new Russian regime. This oaf wants others to pay for his excesses, denies the reality of climate change but wants help ameliorating the damage that it and sea level rise are doing to his own properties.

      In turn you accuse us of being unemployed (on zero evidence) and of worshiping 3 politicians who happen to have the basic intelligence to understand scientific evidence and an ability to accept expertadvice.

      You have marked you as a deceived and self deceiving little bloviator, a hater of rationality and an utter ignoramus.

    • Lionel Smith Says:

      Good Grief is correct, basically BS science offering an opinion as if that was reality.

      You appear very poorly informed about the realities of this world, the moral bankruptcy of the WTO, GATS, the banking and corporate system for examples.

      Here is a must have corrective which contains a host of important topics explained in plane language, your world view needs this correction:

      The Little Earth Book (Fragile Earth) my only criticism is that it could do with an update as many aspects have deteriorated further.

  4. Paul Whyte Says:

    What is implied in this ad is the unity between the fossil fuel companies and both the Russian and US leaders. (Trump is Putin’s hand puppet.)

    It use to be that the GOP were anti-communist. Now that the USSR/KGB has done its “if you can’t beat them, join them” and many are now very comfortable as Billionaires with oil and gas. All is sweet with the GOP who are much more interested in being anti-Liberal now and are happy to be pro Russian.

    Anyone who is now happy to be pro a criminal Kleptocracy is also exposed as woven from the same cloth!

  5. Jean Mcmahon Says:

    I never hear “It is all about the oil” re Putingate..Thanks Peter

  6. andrewfez Says:

    I’m rather agnostic on the Russia scandal because no one will produce a smoking gun – an email confirmed to be from the Russian government that shows quid-pro-quo collusion of some sort, or whatnot. Hacking signatures are not enough as they can be replicated. Plus, when I attempted to follow the story months ago there was too much propaganda coming from places like the Washington Post; too much inference from quotes from anonymous NSA personnel. Too many headlines that falsely give the impression of us having a smoking gun whilst the rhetoric directly underneath them fails to do so, contradicting such. Give me something substantial that’s easy to understand.

    It’s just as likely that Trump is just a corrupt crony bumbling his way through the White House. Yes, he wants that $500B Russian stranded asset sanction lifted for the sake of making Exxon money. Yes, he has a history of business deals within Russia, and other authoritarian countries like Saudi Arabia, and will probably overlook atrocities on the part of these places because of his conflict of interests: That should be the real story – his conflicts of interest prohibit him from making good foreign policy decisions. Yes his people like to talk to Russia about lifting sanctions for the sake of Exxon. Maybe, he gets money from Russian banks by routing such through Germany. Yes, Russia, China, and N. Korea are always trying to hack us. Yes, it’s possible after all the headlines blew up about Russian hacking the DNC, which was used by the Dems as a distraction mechanism against what the DNC emails showed, Russia wanted to talk to someone in the US govt. about it to deescalate tensions and found the Dems unwilling to listen because they were playing politics.

    But until Watergate style evidence is produced, none of these independent things prove Trump is a Russian puppet. So far this just looks like a Democratic payback for the Benghazi BS. And the Dems aren’t winning any popularity back screaming ‘Russia! Russia! Russia!’. Dems – give constituents a substantive platform – say the only path forward on healthcare is single payer – say you want legalized marijuana so we can stop wasting money on a failed ‘war on drugs’ and stop sending billions to drug cartels – say you want a Green New Deal and that any $$ Trump plans to spend on infrastructure should include smart grids and Tesla Power Stations – say you want to raise minimum wage and lower drug prices. But the Dems won’t do these things as they are bought and paid for by the corporations, so the only thing they have is ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ which is why they are extremely unpopular for the moment.

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