Colbert and Stewart, Together on Trump

March 1, 2017


5 Responses to “Colbert and Stewart, Together on Trump”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Jon Stewart delivered one of his best ever with this one. He and Colbert make a great team. Bring Stewart back!

    The media, Colbert, Stewart. Maher, Bee, SNL et al are the only hope for the country. Believe me! (and I am not lying like President Pussy Grabber).

    PS How come no one has mentioned yet that Trump is getting a lot of play as “The Dunning-Kruger President”?

  2. Roger Walker Says:

    Colbert, Stewart and, yes, Maher. Get those three together. Michael Moore, where are you?

  3. Bring Stewart back!,/blockquote>

    Stewart is a producer on Colbert’s show, but I think his frequent appearances since the advent of Trump indicate that he is a man missing the ability to comment on politics more frequently.

  4. Sir Charles Says:

    Still, many many US Americans love to be led by a notorious liar.

    Déjà vu:

    We all know the outcome…

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