Bill Maher: What’s Wrong with the Press and Why We Need to Make it Right

February 25, 2017

Bill points out that as much as the media has failed us over recent decades, this is no time for business as usual.
Everybody’s going to have to up their game.

Hunter Thompson said during Watergate, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”  In that fashion, it seems as though for a decade, comedians have had to do the jobs Journalists no longer do.

That has to end.

Pieces like this show that Maher is one of our sharpest observers, and most important media voices.


28 Responses to “Bill Maher: What’s Wrong with the Press and Why We Need to Make it Right”

  1. andrewfez Says:

    I watched the Bill Maher clip a while back and noted a particular lie he threw in that’s relevant to what’s happening now with the Dems. He said Bernie and Clinton were ‘policy people’. That’s wrong. Bernie was a policy person – that’s all he talked about. Clinton and the corporate dems have zero substance. Because they serve their corporate masters they no longer can serve labor or the people. They want fracking to be a bridge fuel to serve their oil and gas donors, they don’t want universal healthcare to serve their big pharma and insurance donors, they don’t want a substantial minimum wage increase because this too will hurt their myriad of corporate donors, they don’t want to break up the big banks or other oligopolies…. So they can’t run or do messaging with the stuff the American people want, hence they have zero substance.

    Here’s a new study showing how Clinton’s messaging was particularly and drastically void of substance/policy compared to previous runs.

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