CBS: Series on Climate Change Welcome, Might have Helped more Last Year

February 23, 2017

Washington Monthly:

Good on Mark Phillips of CBS News for his series this past week on the impact that human-caused climate change is having on our world. After years of US broadcast and cable entities downplaying and dismissing the importance of this issue, it was quite impressive to see Phillips and CBS report on the climate crisis with the extensive focus this problem deserves.

Of course, CBS could have produced this series this time last year, prior to Donald the Denier’s ascension to the White House and the subsequent selection of climate-contemptuous Scott Pruitt to run the Environmental Protection Agency. However, had CBS done so, the first-grade dropouts who insist that Trump was right when he labeledclimate change nothing more than chicanery from the Chinese would have assailed CBS for alleged liberal bias, as right-wing media entities and the fossil-fuel industry long taught them to; presumably, they’re too embarrassedby the failure of the fool they elected to go after CBS and Phillips as aggressively as they otherwise would.

If US broadcast and cable media entities go back to their old ways in the wake of Phillips’s outstanding work, that should be taken as a sign that those entities are still, to a certain extent, intimidated by Trump. There’s no reason why the consequences of Trump’s energy policies shouldn’t receive prominent coverage on a consistent basis; the threat those energy policies will pose to future generations is, without question, the most significant story of our time.


2 Responses to “CBS: Series on Climate Change Welcome, Might have Helped more Last Year”

  1. The Jason Box funding method may need to be widened to the larger research community.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    First, a plug for a great little book that tells you all you want to know about penguins in Antarctica and expands from that to explore in detail what climate change is doing to the whole ecosystem there. “Fraser’s Penguins: Warning Signs from Antarctica” by Fen Montaigne, 2010—–now available in PB for ~$5.

    It is too bad that this series wasn’t broadcast beck during the campaign—-good info and terrific photography. Don’t know that it would have made much difference, though. The “first-grade dropouts” are far more worried about getting ahead of everyone else and getting rich than they are about climate change, and the only penguins they may care about are the ones in their local zoo. Climate change ranks down around #18 on the things that concerned voters most last year, way below such things as jobs, the economy, health care, and other “selfish” things. “There’s something going on” in Antarctica in three minute bites is not going to capture their attention.

    There’s also considerable irony in these clips. An “explosion in scientific research” funded by ecotourism? Has anyone ever calculated the carbon footprint of all these ecotourists flying and cruising all over the world and going to places that have no need for humans? The tops of mountains, the depths of rain forests, the reefs and oceans, the poles, the rivers on the opposite side of the globe from “home”—–they all “grew” without a human presence, and would be doing better if humans never evolved.

    And what is the good of doing more intensive research on the penguins and orcas there? We already know that they (and the krill that underlies the entire food chain there) are in deep trouble and that “global warming due to CO2 from burning fossil fuels is the cause” those (9 words say it all). Flying drones over orcas to sample their breath? JFC! When we already know they are starving and declining in numbers? I sometimes think the deniers may have a small point when they talk about some scientists worrying more about getting grant money than making a real contribution. Studying penguins and orcas may be more valuable than talking about colonizing Mars or studying the 7 “earth-like planets” recently discovered 40 million light years away, but it doesn’t get us any closer to dealing with root causes.

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