Errand Boy: Trump EPA Chief Pruitt Emails Released

February 22, 2017


Hoo Baby.
Did you ever, like, confirm a Cabinet official hoping that controversial emails with Oil and Gas companies about to be released will just go away because no one cares? Me neither, but the Senate did, last week.

I’m betting there might be some folks out there willing to comb thru these.
Whaddaya think?

Center for Media and Democracy:

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — As a result of an Open Records Act request and lawsuit filed by the Center for Media and Democracy, on Tuesday night the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office released a batch of more than 7,500 pages of emails and other records it withheld prior to Scott Pruitt’s nomination as EPA Administrator last Friday.

The AG’s office has withheld an undetermined number of additional documents as exempted or privileged and submitted them to the Judge Aletia Haynes Timmons for review. A number of other documents were redacted, and CMD will be asking for the court to review those as well. On February 27, the AG’s office has been ordered to deliver records related to five outstanding requests by CMD.

“Despite repeated attempts by Pruitt and the Oklahoma AG’s office to stonewall CMD and the public, we’ve won a major breakthrough in obtaining access to public records that shine a light on Pruitt’s emails with polluters and their proxies,” said Nick Surgey, research director at the Center for Media and Democracy. “The newly released emails reveal a close and friendly relationship between Scott Pruitt’s office and the fossil fuel industry, with frequent meetings, calls, dinners and other events. And our work doesn’t stop here – we will keep fighting until all of the public records involving Pruitt’s dealings with energy corporations are released – both those for which his office is now asserting some sort of privilege against public disclosure and the documents relevant to our eight other Open Records Act requests.”

“There is no valid legal justification for the emails we received last night not being released prior to Pruitt’s confirmation vote other than to evade public scrutiny,” said Arn Pearson, general counsel for CMD. “There are hundreds of emails between the AG’s office, Devon Energy, and other polluters that Senators should have been permitted to review prior to their vote to assess Pruitt’s ties to the fossil fuel industry.”

Among the documents released late yesterday, CMD has found:

  • The oil and gas lobby group American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) coordinated opposition in 2013 to both the Renewable Fuel Standard Program and ozone limits with Pruitt’s office. While AFPM was making its own case against the RFS with the American Petroleum Institute, it provided Pruitt with a template language for an Oklahoma petition, noting “this argument is more credible coming from a State.” Later that year, Pruitt did file opposition to both the RFS and ozone limits.
  • In a groundbreaking New York Times Pulitzer winning series in 2014, Eric Lipton exposed the close relationship between Devon Energy and Scott Pruitt, and highlighted examples where Devon Energy drafted letters that were sent by Pruitt under his own name. These new emails reveal more of the same close relationship with Devon Energy. In one email, Devon Energy helped draft language that was later sent by Pruitt to the EPA about the limiting of methane from oil and gas fracking.
  • In 2013, Devon Energy organized a meeting between Scott Pruitt, Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society and coal industry lawyer Paul Seby to plan the creation of a “clearinghouse” that would “assist AGs in addressing federalism issues.” Melissa Houston, then Pruitt’s chief of staff emailed Devon Energy saying “this will be an amazing resource for the AGs and for industry.”

Last week, the Oklahoma County Court found Scott Pruitt in violation of the state’s Open Records Act for improperly withholding responsive public records and ordered his office to release thousands of emails in a matter of days. CMD’s lawsuit has driven unprecedented attention to Pruitt’s failure to disclose his deep ties to fossil industry corporations, with Senators on the Environmental and Public Works Committee declaring CMD’s records requests a matter of “federal importance.”

In her ruling, Judge Timmons slammed the Attorney General’s office for its “abject failure” to abide by the Oklahoma Open Records Act.

14 Responses to “Errand Boy: Trump EPA Chief Pruitt Emails Released”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Hoo Baby, indeed!!!

    With any luck, this is going to turn into another Flynn Massacre that the “fine-running machine” of the Trump WH will turn into a fiasco. Yep, cover up and push those confirmations through so that it can come back and bite you in the ass later. Can’t wait to hear Spicer, Kelly Anne, and The Pussy Grabber deal with this—-“fake news, alternative facts, the media is the enemy of America, crooked judges”, etc. Make popcorn, LOTS of popcorn.

    PS Russell Cook is going to have to open a new page on GlobsOfS** to deal with the lying whore for fossil fuel denier politicians who (like the lying whore for fossil fuel denier scientists) are going to be tried for crimes against humanity one day. Russell will have a job for life (until they lock him up too).

    • Lock me up …….. for what? How many times do I have to challenge you to be specific? How many of your own fellow Crocks readers have to ask you what my exact lies are so that they can have ammo to use against me elsewhere? How many people are going to dismissing you as all-show-and-no-go before you realize you have to put your own money where your own mouth is? How many of your own pals are going to start to wonder why you thing so little of their own mental capacity that you insist that they NOT read what’s in my GelbspanFiles blog? Meanwhile, you have this golden opportunity to salvage your sagging image among your pals – a home run hit into the next county – to write a guest post here exposing all the “lies” at my blog posts and online articles which surely would get reproduced at HuffPo and DailyKos and spread across the blogosphere ……… and you continually refuse to step up to the plate.

      Call me every name in the book and hatch all kinds of conspiracy theory about me, but your pals will ultimately say, “Dude. I guess I’ll have to get the real goods on this guy from someone else if you can’t deliver on it.”

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Here’s Russell, singing his tired old one note song—-“Prove it”.

        Russell fails to notice that “my own fellow Crocks readers” have NEVER asked me what Russell’s “exact” lies are—-they have been reading Russell’s BS long enough that they don’t need me to point them out. He also fails to notice that people are NOT “dismissing me as all-show-and-no-go”, and that they realize I am both joking and looking out for their mental health when I SUGGEST (strongly) that they NOT read what’s in his SteamingPilesOfShitFiles blog. They can, of course, go there and see for themselves that it just more of the lying denier whore-for-fossil-fuels BS that Russell constantly spouts on Crock—-a waste of time.

        Russell oh-so-cleverly BEGS me to play his game, cloaking it as a “golden opportunity to salvage my sagging image”. LMAO! Yours is the only “sagging image” here, Russell, as evidenced by the numbers of “thumbs down” and negative replies your comments ALWAYS garner on ALL threads. The only “ups” you get are from your fellow denier morons and those you HACK for yourself, and I can’t remember anyone ever supporting one of your comments—-can you cite anyone who has?.

        Russell looks really good as he struts around the barnyard in his Demented Rooster Suit crowing about his imagined victories. He has obviously been sent here by his fossil fuel masters to try to distract us from looking at Pruitt—-a difficult task, considering all the PROOF about what Pruitt is—-maybe that’s why Russell gave it such a half-hearted try and quickly shifted into his “Make it all about Russell” mode.

  2. webej Says:

    The degree to which public policy has been compromised in the USA is astounding; America is fast approaching a level of corruption and government by private and parochial interests that shifts it to another type of civilization. The effort that CMD had to go through points to another development, and that is the partiality with which the law is applied, whether it is the banks and their robosigned affidavits and illegal mortgage registration, or the racketeering practices of the Health Care syndicate, or the billion dollar rigged market (B$125 and still increasing) fines and billion dollar money laundering where nobody is guilty. The level to which public servants are bought and paid for makes one wonder where this will end.

    • Friend, do you remember Lisa “Richard Windsor” Jackson at EPA? The thing you’re going to have to worry about is what happens when Scott Pruitt & crew release the full transcripts of the FOIA-requested documents out of EPA that Lisa Jackson & crew redacted the daylights out of.

      • Lionel Smith Says:

        Russell, Jackson was foiled by the same evil forces still at work now in the halls of denial.

        Scott Pruitt is an A1 a-hole by comparison, but then that is just the type you like — birds of a feather. That you should put those two names together in one missive shows how morally bankrupt your position is.

        • Lionel Smith Says:

          Russell, Jackson was foiled by the same evil forces still at work now in the halls of denial.

          I had intended to add this link to that, but the hour was late and other things pressing):

          ‘The problem for coal right now is entirely economic’ – EPA’s Lisa Jackson

          They’d [Jackson and EPA] spent eight years in George Bush’s wilderness; now they felt they were on the verge of passing climate legislation at home and a global carbon accord at the Copenhagen talks.

          Talks derailed by an ILLEGAL hack and the use of very selective quotes to paint climate scientists black with narrative aimed at those who would not bother to chase down the back story or try to understand either the science or how their attitudes were being manipulated.

          Here is how it has been played by the ethically challenged, including such as Morano and Ebell (something of the Goebbels about that latter and the former is just a chancer).

          A. All scientists should in my opinion take heed of the importance of the peer review process. Inside the Washington Beltway is very different than outside. Inside the Washington Beltway I’m not sure whether facts always matter, and that’s a sad thing for our country. But oftentimes EPA’s work is peer-reviewed and then peer-reviewed again — and yet it will be challenged by some report that hasn’t been peer-reviewed at all.

          Don’t even bother to invoke Godwin’s Law.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        BULLSHIT, Russell, pure bullshit! Lisa Jackson was a hero of the environment over a long career, and the “email scandal” is just more very OLD right wing fake news that never amounted to anything.

        If Pruitt releases “the full transcripts of the FOIA-requested documents out of EPA that Lisa Jackson & crew redacted the daylights out of”, it will be only to try to distract everyone from the thousands of pages of documents showing HIS fossild fuel whoring behavior as OK AG.

        And Russell is more than “morally bankrupt”, Lionel—-he is a disgusting POS. He and Pruitt are not birds of a feather—-they are fellow dung beetles rolling their balls of dung in parallel paths.

  3. Lionel Smith Says:

    The level to which public servants are bought and paid for makes one wonder where this will end.

    Futures in guillotines could look good. But beware that lawyer and politician who plays the Maximilien Robespierre.

    • For all your complaints about the Trump administration taking on the appearance of an infamous WWII terror regime, have you not looked in the mirror when it comes to your side’s rhetoric? I wish to welcome you to the side of critical thinking based on sound evidence which will free you from the shackles of a fake news-driven ideology that’s only filled you with rage and despair. You want me killed. Who’s really the ‘bad guy’ in this situation? When you are done lynching all the “deniers”, will you finally feel peace in your heart? Or will you start going after people like Vierotchka afterward, and any others who don’t fit your definition of the perfect human being? Is anybody really safe under your rule? Who’s really the ‘bad guy’ in this situation?

      • Andy Lee Robinson Says:

        Save the faux indignation.
        “Who’s really the ‘bad guy’ in this situation?”
        You are.

        Deceiving people about the existence & seriousness of Climate Change is an inexcusable moral crime. Period.

  4. Lionel Smith Says:

    You want me killed.

    Where did I suggest that?

    No Russell I don’t want you killed your pathos is, almost, entertaining. Besides you are one of the poster children for wilful ignorance always good to see you prove that.

    Don’t try and play the victim here, you have brought derision upon yourself.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I don’t want you killed either, Russell—-at least not until you are tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity along with all the other denier whores.

      However, if I were to read that you stepped off a curb in front of a bus and got squashed like a bug, I just might smile a bit over that. Especially if it came out that were dressed in drag because it was one of your “I am Vierotchka” days.

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