Stephen Colbert on Trump’s First Presser

February 17, 2017

Keeping out bad hombres.


TORONTO — From Windsor, Ontario, it’s just a 10-minute drive over the Ambassador Bridge or through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel to downtown Detroit. People cross all the time to work, shop, visit a gallery, go to a show or a game. Taxis regularly make the trip, and there’s even a Windsor city bus route through the tunnel.

But President Trump’s policies about who will be allowed to cross the border have Canadians so worried that school officials in and around Windsor have decided to suspend all student field trips to the American side.

“It was the prudent thing to do because there is so much confusion and uncertainty,” said Scott Scantlebury, spokesman for the Greater Essex County District School Board, which represents 35,000 students, many of them immigrants or the children of immigrants. “We don’t want to have some student turned back at the border, or even held up for a period of time.”

The school board’s decision was just one sign of the growing apprehension on the Canadian side of the border.

Stories of Canadian Muslims with immigrant backgrounds being stoppedand turned away from the border have roared across the country over the past week, as well as accounts of refugees fleeing the States and sneaking illegally the other way.

Canadians are concerned that American border officials are taking Mr. Trump’s travel ban to heart, even though his executive order barring people from certain Muslim countries has been suspended by the courts.

“It is like 9/11 all over again,” said Victor Konrad, a research professor at Carleton University who has written about the border. “Right after 9/11, most Canadians became very apprehensive about crossing the border. Many found themselves actually excluded from the United States.”

Students from the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor decided to not risk going to Detroit last week for a lecture on cross-border economics, even though the ban was suspended, said Mark High, the president of the group that organized the lecture, the Canada-United States Business Association.



14 Responses to “Stephen Colbert on Trump’s First Presser”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Colbert does it again—-skewers Trump like a marshmallow, holds him over the campfire, and watches him swell up and bubble. No, wait—it was the reporters at the press conference that did that, and Colbert just took advantage of all their “fake news” stuff and “hatred” for Trump.

    So many good lines, they’re hard to count. The Colberts and other late night funsters need to keep sticking pins in the Trump gasbag until it explodes, and if the press conference was any indication, it’s close to exploding on its own—-let’s hope it’s nowhere near the nuclear war button when it does.

    • 1happywoman Says:

      DOG, I don’t think the Trump gasbag is close to exploding on its own. According to Gallup, his approval rating as of yesterday was 38% (3-day rolling average, margin of error + or – 3):

      This seems to me astonishingly high, in light of new and increasingly outrageous developments every day. And my guess is that number will hold steady because it represents his hardcore base. They’re for sure not watching Colbert or reading the NYT, Washington Post, New Yorker, Atlantic, etc.

      I’m worried that his approval rating might actually be higher than that. I remember reassuring myself during the campaign by looking every day at the odds Nate Silver posted at fivethirtyeight–and then the disbelief and horror of election night.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Did you watch the unbelievable performance at the press conference? The man is out of control, and if the WH leakers, “real” Republicans, the press, the Democrats in congress, and all the “resisters” keep the pressure on, he WILL implode. The fact that he has the approval of 1/3 of the people is irrelevant—-what is going on with HIS narcissism in HIS head is all that matters—-it’s all about HIM.

        • 1happywoman Says:

          I’ve resolved to contact my Senators and my Congressman once a week to protest whatever Trump outrage happens to be trending at the time.

          I saw an article in USA Today that said 92% of congressional staffers believe individualized email messages influence undecided lawmakers. So on the chance my Republican Senators and Congressman are undecided about the Russia scandal in particular, I emailed all of them tonight, urging their support of a 9/11-style investigation into the question of whether Trump colluded with Russia either in person or through others.

          As Edward Everett Hale said, “I am only one, but still I am one.”

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Keep bugging them with phone calls and emails—-they DO tally them up and at least pass on a (+) and (-) tally to their congresscritter. Ask for a response. If you are near an office, make an in-person visit.

  2. Lionel Smith Says:

    Sorry something weird happening with links.

    Who is Sebastian Gorka?

    Donald Trump aide accuses BBC of ‘fake news’.

  3. Lionel Smith Says:

    That “…Betsy DeVos works fast’ line was brilliant….!

    There is a large white conical hat with a D on it waiting for Trump and the D does not stand for ‘Donald’.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      We think alike—-I too thought the DeVos lines were the best in the whole monologue.

      Re: Gorka—-he is just another Nazi reincarnate—-ggogle him and get lots of hits.

      • Lionel Smith Says:

        On Gorka, yes he looks like a good fit for Erik ‘Blackwater’ Prince brother of dear Betsy. Perhaps we should not have let Gorka’s family into Britain.

        I have to wonder how many Soviet moles, or sleepers, there are in key positions. As Trump & Co. come under increasing scrutiny, and derision, that ‘Reichstag fire’ gets ever closer.

  4. After watching that presser yesterday, I wondered if Trump voters realize exactly how much trouble we are now in. But of course they don’t because they are bloody stupid f**king morons who thought it would be fun to burn it all down.

    Daily, I find myself grateful for the political press, the Times and the Post, along with Colbert, et al. I never realized exactly how important a free press was until Trump, and now I find myself wondering how long it will be before Trump starts blacklisting the entity known to the right wing as the “librul” media.

    As to Canada, I had a strong inclination to move to a location where sanity still lives Canada just after the election, but made the choice to stay and fight. Now I wish to hell the intell. services would hurry the hell up so we can start the ball rolling to get rid of this horrid sociopathic narcissist before he destroys this country.

    Adds….Shep Smith on Fox News actually let loose on Trump last night.

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