California Dam in “Uncharted Territory”

February 10, 2017

Intense rain plus aging infrastructure = massive uncertainty.



22 Responses to “California Dam in “Uncharted Territory””

  1. Tom Bates Says:

    Total BS, the rains of 1986 were worse than the rains we have today by far. What we have is a slightly above normal average rainfall after a few years of drought. The Bozos in sacramento still refuse to get rid of the drought regulations as that would diminish their power and money. Typical leftist behavior.

    That dam has had spill overs in the past when it was full. All we have this time is a cracked part in the spill way which is something to watch but not piss in your pants about. They can dump large boulders on the cracked part if they need to to stop erosion, so far they do not have to do that.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Here’s Bates, the Leonardo Da Vinci of Crock, again displaying his immense knowledge and expertise—-this time as as a structural engineer Yes, an engineer! And to think, he can’t even tie his own shoes, but he has the answer here!

      In amongst all the usual Tommy-Poo spewing of BS about “leftist behavior”, he DOES insert some engineering advice—–“All we have this time is a cracked part in the spill way….they can dump large boulders on the cracked part if they need to to stop erosion”.

      Did he even watch the video clip? A CRACK? Drop LARGE BOULDERS in the “crack”? The water was moving so powerfully that it was throwing “large boulders” high in the air. LMAO!

      (And I love Bates’ as-usual-incorrect bald assertion that rainfall is “slightly above average”—-has he not noticed that CA has been hit with a series of storms that each brought 12″ of rain and 6 feet of snow?)

      • Earl Mardle Says:

        And I SO want to see his design for dumping the boulders. Oh PLEASE can we have it, I would SO love to see it.

        Can I also vote for the “Crimes against Humanity” thing? Of course, by then we will be lucky to have a legal system, never mind an international court, ask Sessions.

        • With regard to “crimes against humanity”, You and DOG might be interested in this. It seems denierville plans to “remember the alarmists”. Seems the scientifically literate may be a target for retribution by the great unwashed at some future time. I guess it depends who holds the reigns of power. It doesn’t matter how bad the situation with our environment gets, a large section of society are so deep into self delusion, no scenario is off the table. To be honest, I’m no longer confident reason will prevail!

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Thank you for that. Nauseating. Adam Pigott is an anal orifice of the first order—-smug, self-satisfied, ignorant, and a climate change denier and RWNJ of the highest order. Take a look the comments on this piece from other RWNJ’s. The whole thing reminds me of the kinds of crap one sees on WUWT. Bullshit supported by a cast of head-nodding lemmings.

            I wonder what Adam will say when the trends we see happening regarding ice, air and land temperature, ocean acidification, extreme weather, mass extinctions, sea level rise, etc. accelerate and “potentiate” to produce catastrophe? He will probably be surprised, since he appears to understand little of the science involved. And who forgives who for what will matter little, since all our asses will be in the grinder. Dead and gone is simply dead and gone.

          • lracine Says:

            Interesting read… but the comment section was over the top..

            There is one point that rings true though…

            “I have observed with silent loathing the hypocrites who swan around in their enormous SUVs while proudly parading their dubious green credentials, even as ordinary families struggle with the reality of paying their ever-increasing power bills. “..

            This site is very much disconnected with the realities of life for the working poor. The FAUX GREENS…. those that believe that our current life style can be maintained and “tech. will come to the rescue..etc etc” EROI and the limits to growth… and what that means to our society….

            It takes 80 calories to melt one gram of ice…. it takes 1 calorie to raise one gram of water one deg C……

            What happens to the temp in the arctic when the ice is gone? And how fast will Greenland melt?

            And of course we have “The Gropenfuhrer” as our fearless leader along with his Corporate sponsored House and Senate government…. No Consumerism and growth will reign… for now.

    • Dear Mr. Bates,

      Some day, people such as yourself, i.e., the worst of the climate deniers [those paid off by the oil industry, etc.] will find yourself on trial for crimes against humanity.

      I must admit, I am seriously looking forward to that.

      • ubrew12 Says:

        One positive effect of the recent spillway breach is it washed away the Bates Motel. Unfortunately, it also washed away the evidence…

      • As am I seriously looking forward to that. Because when it comes time for you, commenter “d.o.g.” and the folks you worship as your leaders to present your evidence of industry-bought lies, the most you guys will have to offer is:

        – well, isn’t it obvious?
        – the word “deliverables” proves it
        – every word he says is a lie
        – he gets paid to comment at blogs, the proof of that is how often he does it
        – Desmog, ExxonSecrets, Naomi Oreskes has proof
        – a Pulitzer-winning investigative reporter exposed this all
        – you have to trust your gut on this
        – the tobacco industry did the same thing
        – it’s been widely documented
        – he’s a criminal because I say he is
        – and …. uhhhh ….

        • dumboldguy Says:

          More maundering from Russell—-the only thing he says here that matters is:

          “Desmog, ExxonSecrets, Naomi Oreskes has (sic) proof”

          Yep, and all your whining and attempts to obfuscate won’t change that fact, Russell. I’ll be sitting next to Nicole at your trial.

        • Oh, my. Mr. Cook is evidently upset.

          As well he might be since he is one of the most egregious paid criminal deniers.

          Speaking of evidence, I have no fear that the evidence will be anything less than profuse, profound and convincing.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Don’t be fooled—-Russell is not “evidently upset”—-he is merely jumping in on a thread that he has no real interest or involvement in (beyond his legitimate fear or being prosecuted for crimes against humanity). He is here mainly to spew BS so that he can turn in his time card to Heartland and get paid for one more trolling comment (and some responses to it) on Crock.

            Be patient, the deniers are going to get quite cocky now that the Huge Orange Denier is in charge, but they are inhabiting an ever-shakier house of cards. Things are likely to get worse before they get better, but the house of cards is going to crash down around them, and since Russell dwells in the basement, he’ll be buried deepest.

    • Tommy, I think you completely missed Peter’s point … yet again!

      “Intense rain plus aging infrastructure = massive uncertainty.”

    • schwadevivre Says:

      Of course, Master Bates

      And tonights warnings about failure of the emergency spillway were part of a vile plot by the Illuminati and the Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity.

      You are a pitiable idiot, only useful for mocking

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Let’s hope the emergency spillway is better constructed than the main one. (And the inflow/outflow numbers in the article don’t quite add up—-where is the extra water going?)

    • There ain’t no “construction” involved in the emergency spillway apart from the opening at the top. It’s just a path of least resistance for water to flow once it’s allowed to run.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        The “construction of the opening at the top” is exactly what I’m concerned about. If they didn’t do any better job on that than they did on the main spillway, that part of the top of the dam could let go—–since it looks to be 10-20 feet tall, that would let a LOT of water flow down that “path of least resistance”, and since it’s just dirt, it would likely erode badly. Not good!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Video on the overflow. Looks like the “construction” of the emergency spillway is holding up for now. However, I do NOT like the looks of the water visible at the far left at the 3:00 mark—-it looks like it may be coming from beyond the end of the spillway. There is going to be one mess in cleaning up all the mud and debris now being washed into the Feather river.

  3. Aha! Finally! Some mysterious force of the internet wants us to use our real names. I’m Addledlady – haven’t been able to comment using wordpress for _months_.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      WordPress has occasional bouts of temporary insanity. You should be able to go into “Log Out/Change”, do some “fixing”, and get back to “Addledlady”, which is a lot more fun than “Alison George”.

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