Trump EPA Pick Fails Climate Science Test

February 7, 2017


Inside Climate News:

Senate Democrats boycotted a committe vote Wednesday on PresidentDonald Trump‘s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, preventing the vote from occurring. The boycott came after Democrats complained Pruitt has not adequately addressed the 1,078 additional questions they sent to him after his confirmation hearing.

The questions covered a range of topics, including conflict-of-interest concerns over Pruitt’s deep ties to the fossil fuel industry and his views on climate change. (He has dismissed the scientific consensus.)

Among the questions were his views on ocean acidification—the absorption of carbon dioxide into the sea that’s changing the chemical balance of oceans and putting marine ecosystems in grave danger. It has become one of the most worrisome and intensely studied effects of the climate changecrisis. In his answers Pruitt positioned himself as a doubter on this issue. As EPA head, he would be responsible for regulating emissions of carbon dioxide, which is at the root of the problem.

In this graphic (above), we compare what Pruitt told Congress to what the science says.



5 Responses to “Trump EPA Pick Fails Climate Science Test”

  1. Çonsensus by definition means 100‰ agreement. There is no scientific çonsensus. Before 1950, most scientists agreed that the channeled scablands of eastern Washington (that’s the state, not DC’s acne) took millions of years. J.Harlan Bretz proved them all wrong and brought it down to mere days with the collapse of a rotting ice age dam. Before 1920, most scientists believed lead was good nutrition and that atoms could not be split. The history of scientific study is full of bad data, incorrect conclusions, and downright hoaxes. In the 1970’s we were headed to an ice age according to science. Global warmists today extrapolate a few measley years of data to millions of years without even having proved the millions of years available. Radioactive dating of the 1982 dome building eruption of Mt St Helens “proved” that it really happened from 700,000 to 1,200,000 years ago, yet we saw it happen ten years before a well known laboratory received the samples. True scientists will always leave the door open for divergent research, “just in case”!
    The fact that you consistently make fun of diversity in research is”proof” that your arguments are lacking fundamental Scientific Method.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Another denier troll appears to maunder on and clutter up the discussion. His first mistake it to select only ONE of the many definitions of consensus, the one that says “unanimity”, which implies 100% agreement, while ignoring the others, which are the “consensus” understanding of the meaning of “consensus ” by those who are not dishonest cherry-pickers. To wit:

      “agreement, harmony, concurrence, accord, unity, (unanimity), solidarity; formal concord, general opinion, majority opinion, common view”

      Scablands, eating lead, splitting atoms, and Mt. St. Helens? JFC, but you sound like Tom Bates with his distorted and irrelevant BS. And calling the denialism of the paid whores for fossil fuels “diversity in research” is ”proof” that you are lacking “fundamental” honesty and thinking skills.

      Go away before we start to make fun of YOU!

  2. schwadevivre Says:

    I’m just surprised that he hasn’t said that increasing pH is a good thing

    • dumboldguy Says:

      He will—-give him time. Perhaps the Idso clan of Heartland and “CO2 is good for the planet” fame will think about it and give him some good talking points (lies) to spout.

  3. Great graphic. One quibble: the first item should be “decreasing alkalinity” rather than “increasing acidity.” The ocean’s pH is unlikely to go under 7 or so. That doesn’t change the affect on shelled organisms.

    @schwadevivre that’s “decreasing pH.”

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