More Evidence of “New Feedback” in Arctic? Giant Storm Pushes Warmth to Pole

February 7, 2017

Washington Post:

A gigantic, powerhouse winter storm is charging through the North Atlantic and promises to flood the high Arctic with abnormally mild air. Arctic temperatures have blown past previous record highs in recent months, and this surge of (relative) warmth is just the latest in a long series that has amazed scientists.

For the fourth time in just over a year, the North Pole may near the melting point in winter, a previously rare event.

The textbook comma-shape storm is sprawling. The northern part of its core is near the southern tip of Greenland, while its trailing front extends southwestward almost to the tropics. On Sunday, the National Weather Service said it packed winds of over 90 mph (80 knots) near its center. Computer models suggest the storm has generated towering waves that exceed 46 feet southeast of its core.

The storm was likely near peak intensity early Monday, with a minimum pressure of 932 millibars — a common reading in Category 4 hurricanes and ranking among the top tier of winter storms in this region.

On Thursday, areas near the North Pole are predicted to be 50 to 60 degrees warmer than normal (which is around minus-30), which is near the melting point. This may mark the third occasion since November and the fourth time in just over a year that temperatures have warmed to this uncommon winter level near the Pole.

In my December interview with Arctic Expert Jennifer Francis, she spoke of a “new climate feedback” in the arctic, involving huge injections, like this, of warm air over the pole.


16 Responses to “More Evidence of “New Feedback” in Arctic? Giant Storm Pushes Warmth to Pole”

  1. Tom Bates Says:

    New Flash, same thing happened 37 years ago and it snowed in the Sahara just like it did this time.

    • Torsten Says:

      And did it happen three times in one winter? Did it happen four times in just over a one year period? Why was there 1.726 million square km more ice present on this date in 1980? And how did average air temperatures over the course of a year compare? Tom, please tell us!

    • Lionel Smith Says:

      New Flash, same thing happened 37 years ago…

      You stupid boy, you are repeating yourself.

    • schwadevivre Says:

      I see “Master” Bates has exuded his view. If ignorance is bliss he must be ecstatic.

  2. mph and knots, but no km/h. Parochial. Some have not yet noted the internets era. Ha! and what f*&#en degrees? At least “above freezing” means the same everywhere…

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Parochial? In case you didn’t notice, the article came from the Washington Post, a paper headquartered in the capital of the USA, and we use the U.S Customary System (English) of measurements.

      This WashPost article is trying to reach and inform everyone in this country, and that includes the Repugnant morons who have seized control of our country and can’t count above 10 without removing their shoes. Some of them will need to have the article read and explained to them by their children (including Trump).

      Approximate “conversion math” is easy enough for those who care and can do simple math in their heads, and since the “metric second” is equal to the ABT second we use, the very few seconds you have wasted here complaining is the same for all of us.

      (Why have you been so cranky lately? Trump is not YOUR president.)

      • Great he’s not my prexy. Yet it’s my only planet. Occasionally I can do quite nontrivial maths, incl. theorem proving in my head. But my memory is amazingly bad, even of numbers and formulas I don’t use daily. I can even forget my own inventions. Not Alzheimer, just a different brain unspoilt and unfrustrated by school teachers. Will make another F/C mph/kmph mpg/lpkm C/CO2 table to carry in my purse. Other people are not that diligent. 🙂

        • dumboldguy Says:

          I didn’t mean to imply that you shouldn’t be upset by Trump, because it IS your only planet, as you say. But it may take him a while to destroy the whole planet (unless WW3 breaks out and the mushroom clouds appear). We here in the USA are hoping we can survive the first 100 days.

  3. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    It’s yet another holy crap moment, after a long string of holy crap moments…

    The Arctic Death Spiral is just shocking:

    • Torsten Says:

      For people who can’t read a chart and think that arctic ice isn’t melting on cue, there was less ice in January 2017 than in September 1979 and 1980.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        True enough, but the most disturbing thing on the graph is what happened in December 2016 and January 2017. Holy crap indeed!

  4. Sir Charles Says:

    While multi-year ice typically made up more than 20% of Arctic sea ice in the 1980s, it now comprises just 3%.

    More => Low sea ice extent continuing at both poles

  5. Tom Bates Says:

    I see the usual air heads use new calling and invective to try and cover up their ignorance of the data. The data starts in 1979 not 1000 AD so to pretend the 1979 data is Gods favorite ice cover is beyond stupid. We do know the arctic per a NASA study out last year was ice free from 8500-6500 BP in the summer. That is a pretty long time. We do know that the viking settled in Greenland when it was a lot warmer, warm enough to raise cattle starting in 900 AD and they left when it got colder around 1300 AD. That means the arctic ice was less back than than today as it was warmer unless of course the air heads moved Greenland to Mars which is possible but unlikely.

    As to the arctic ice it currently as of this morning is slightly below the 2011-2012 number. Somehow that does not seem to be the end of the world considering the world has been warming from 400 plus years from the little ice age low and the arctic passage was opened in modern times back in 1906. Since it was warmer than today in 1000 AD when the air heads do not have ice numbers, the arctic ice back than was most likely less than today. As to the antarctic, it was growing in ice mass per NASA up to last year so the current slightly less than average in the summer is not unexpected variation. If one looks at ocean rise to sort of average out the weather variations the ocean rise trend on land not moving up and down is still around 3 to 4 inches per 100 years which is not an end of the world rise and should be expected as we continue to warm from changes in earths tilt and orbit. You can check the number yourself by considering were the seas were in the ice free arctic period or in the medieval warm period, not much different than today.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Lord love a duck!—-will Bates ever get any new material? We have heard all of this before, and NONE OF IT is relevant to the trend that we have seen over the past few decades.

      PS Bates didn’t mention the “trees under the glaciers in Alaska” this time. Did he forget to but that file card back in his little box of denier BS references and lose it?

      PPS Another line to add to the long list of Bates All Time Greats—- “….the air heads moved Greenland to Mars which is possible but unlikely”. Explain how it is “possible” and why is it “unlikely”, Tommy-Poo?

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