Game Show from Hell: The President Has a Secret

February 6, 2017

Worst Game show concept in History. I’ll take Treason for 500.

UPDATE: Retired General weighs in on Trump/Putin relationship.

14 Responses to “Game Show from Hell: The President Has a Secret”

  1. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    The Abominable Showman.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      YES! We could remake any number of the wonderful old game shows by incorporating The Abominable Showman. For example:

      The Dating Game
      When asked how he would behave on their first actual date, the Abominable Showman would say “I’m a star and I can get away with anything, so I’d grab your pussy and shove my tongue down your throat”.
      Hmmmmm—scrap that one.

      Let’s Make a Deal
      The only prizes behind the three doors would be the Abominable Showman, Vladimir Putin, and Steve Bannon. so everyone loses all the time. No fun there.
      Hmmmmm—scrap that one too.

      To Tell The Truth
      Since the Abominable Showman has no concept of what truth is, that won’t work either.

      What’s My Line
      Since The Abominable Showman hasn’t the slightest idea of how to be the POTUS or the details of the job and couldn’t answer the questions, that one’s a non-starter from the get-go.

      You know what? Forget it! Let’s just leave the Abominable Showman in place on the White House Unreality Show until we can have him switch jobs with Arnold. In the meantime, we can all watch that other new show “Alt Right meets Walking Dead meets Stepford Wives”, starring Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon.

      • I must say, there are quite a few, especially side on shots or angle shots of Kellyanne where she looks positively reptillian.
        Or is that too way out

        • greenman3610 Says:

          you may be on to something.

          • But mention that Hillary looks better when her makeup and hair is done right, and you’re branded a sexist. Mention ANYTHING remotely appearing to be not positive about President Obama’s appearance, and you’re vilified as a racist.

            Isn’t your side the one which decries material taking on the appearance of hate speech? “Rock on. Just keep it clean, bro.”

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Ho-hum. Russell is here just to get another “hit” recorded on his Whore for Heartland time card. And whining to us about “hate speech” while he’s at it.

            “Our” side is the one which decries liars, whores for fossil fuels, and people who know no science but walk in off the street to troll on a climate blog—–that’s why we don’t like YOU, Russell (hate is a bit too strong a word to waste on you).

          • Face it, friends, you just painted yourselves into a corner. If anybody showed up in these blog comment sections connecting the words “shots or angle shots” and “positively reptilian” to the name Michelle O., you know exactly how everyone would have reacted. Regarding the “w” word which “d.o.g.” accused me of being – apply it to any prominent woman you admire, or even to prominent environmentalist men living on donor-supplied salaries you greatly admire – and you’d call it hate speech. “D.o.g.”‘s sidestep into conspiracy theory can’t save you from this problem.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            “….painted yourselves into a corner…”?

            LMAO! The only “corner dweller” here is Russell, and HIS corner is quite dark and stinky. Too bad Russell is too dumb to understand that the way out of his dark and stinky corner is to “walk towards the light”, the light in this case being the TRUTHS that the rest of us discuss on Crock.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          That is NOT “too way out” by any means. Everyone should quickly try to view that wonderful documentary from the 1980’s that will soon be suppressed by the Trump administration because it shows how aliens have taken over the Earth.

          I speak of “They Live” and the special sunglasses that allowed one to see which humans were really aliens under the skin. Anyone who can find a pair of those glasses and uses them to look at Trump and minions would find that Conway, Bannon, Spicer, and most of the cabinet members are indeed from another planet. (But not Reince Priebus)—-his name sounds alien but he’s just a homegrown “human alien” Republican).

          And it’s a bit unkind (because her husband and kids may love her), but paint Kellyanne green and she would give the GEICO gecko a run for his money in the looks department.

          PS FLASH Someone who HAS used the glasses just informed me that Bannon and Trump look more like fat toads than reptiles, and they have LOTS of warts.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    General McCaffrey is not the only one expressing a high level of horror and disbelief at what The Pussy Grabber is doing. John Bolton and Karl Rove have beat him up rather severely over the Muslim ban. Only ten days in and more and more people are questioning him.

    I will report, however, that one of the guys at the gym this AM said he was glad he voted for Trump because “he has the balls to do what he said he would do” (and that he never would have voted for Hillary because she’s a crook).

    So The PG still has some support—I wonder if they’ll stick with him when his Destroy America First agenda really takes hold and starts impacting them personally? (And I wonder how many of them are smart enough and aware enough to understand what the general said about how awful Trump’s comments re: Putin really are).

    • skeptictmac57 Says:

      I have significant philosophical differences with right leaning political ideas and complaints, but I will hear them out IF they seem to be coming from a place of consistency and intellectual honesty. But this new brand of Trumpist ideology is pure bullshit.
      I completely understand folks who were and are fed up with politics as usual, and maybe I can see (if I squint realllllll hard) why some people were taken in initially by Trump. But as evidence mounted day after day, week after week, of his total lack of honesty, and empty handed appeals to “Make America great again”, with nary a detail of how, and his obvious vacuousness of rhetoric and ham fisted pandering to religious activists, then at what point should these people wake up!
      Even well before the election, the real conservative mainstays of the GOP were desperately ringing the alarm bells about why this man should NEVER be allowed anywhere near the White house, even if it were just for a tour.
      Can you even imagine, that if these same people criticizing Trump coming from conservative sources, had leveled the exact same attacks with the exact same facts in evidence, against Clinton or Obama while he was in office that these EXACT SAME TRUMP SUPPORTERS would be turning a blind eye to it?
      Not on your F**KING LIFE! They would be screaming from the rooftops for impeachment, criminal charges, investigations, and second amendment solutions.
      But they are weak conservatives, with no real love for what they claim to stand for, and no real convictions. All that they want now is get everyone else to quit telling them that the emperor has no clothes, because it is disturbing their illusions about their worldview and their ability to judge reality.
      They cannot admit their greatest mistake, and will probably bring down our democracy before they will ever own up to it. To quote their great leader…sad!

  3. danialcblog Says:

    Congressional Republicans are in a state of fury over the Putin Equivalence.

    Speaker Ryan today summoned the Vice President to the Capitol to explain the to the House Foreign Affairs Committee How The President of the United States of America could slander the military and the entire US Polity in defence of a murderous Oligarch.

    Mitch McConnell Has vowed to block any moves by the White House to ease the sanctions on Russia and employed uncharacteristically harsh language in…….

    Oh sorry where am I ?

    Shit! I was sleep-typing again.

  4. Kiwiiano Says:

    The only thing that makes any sense in this slo-mo train wreck is the thought that the US is in the middle of a coup. Like Putin, Trump (or his puppet-masters) is pushing every boundary to see what he can get away with. So far just about everything!

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