Alternative Fact: The Holocaust was a Chinese Plot. Part 2

February 2, 2017

Part one here.

The issue: White House releases a (normally perfunctory, if solemn) ceremonial statement of recognition for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Trump White House conspicuously omits, in fact, as new report suggests, deliberately cut out – reference to Jewish people who were primary targets of the Nazi machine.

Neo Nazis around the world instantly recognize the dog whistle shout-out.


Why do I post about this on a climate blog? 
Because I’ve been pointing out the uncomfortable crossover between Neo-Nazis, racists, and climate denial, since I first launched the video series in 2009.
Inextricably linked, as the ABC News video above shows, for quite some time.

What’s the connection?
As Richard Feynman said, “Science is what we do to keep from lying to ourselves”.

But fascism depends on getting people to lie to themselves at every moment.

You see the problem.


According to three people familiar with the process, the State Department’s Office of the Special Envoy on Holocaust Issues prepared its own statement for International Holocaust Remembrance Day that, like previous statements, commemorated Jewish victims.

Instead, the White House’s own statement drew widespread criticism for overlooking the Jews’ suffering, and was cheered by neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer.

“The earth is round, the ice caps are melting, and Elvis is not alive.”
If you have not seen “Denial” yet, by all means, trust me on this.
Story is about Holocaust denial, but tactics illustrated all too familiar for those of us that deal regularly with Climate Deniers. You’ll recognize a familiar personality type, as well.

Know your enemy.


19 Responses to “Alternative Fact: The Holocaust was a Chinese Plot. Part 2”

  1. Good piece, Peter.

    It’s a damn shame that we can’t prosecute deniers of history, of science, for crimes against humanity.

    The creeps who attack the scientists particularly enrage me.

    • andrewfez Says:

      Persecute people for thought crimes? That’s even more authoritarian than Trump and is fundamentally contradictory to Classical Liberalism.

      I’ve been watching the focus on the authoritarian left for a few years now, and this is what i’m finding: It’s polarizing young kids that would normally be liberals, such that they are aligning with conservatives and are coming to the erroneous conclusion that conservatism is somehow now the new bastion for free speech and academic freedom. This vacuuming up of liberals and spitting them out as young conservatives is being catalyzed by scumbags like Milo Yianopolous at Brietbart who tend to focus on radical leftists on college campuses, who own their own anti-science, anti-evidence stances, and then say, ‘See? See? This is what liberalism is!’ He’ll find some propaganda talking point from the radical left, use statistics and evidence to debunk it, then he’ll say, ‘And you know what? The environmental movement is also full of crap, just like this!’ and his followers will just nod in agreement, never mind he never publishes any evidence for the latter claim. I see this as a potential danger to the system.

      Every once in a while I’ll go into the Milo Yianopolous youtube channel and talk to his followers. I tell them Republicans have muzzled scientists and let oil cronies edit government science papers, have disassembled the world’s premier freshwater ecology library in Canada, and with regard to the Florida governor, have ordered anyone in their administration not to utter the words ‘climate change’ or ‘sea level rise’. You see Yianopoplous is a so called champion of free speech (in reality he doesn’t mind it when Trump or Bush or the Florida governor limit speech; he’s just concerned with dumb college kids). And what do these folks say about this? [Crickets] {…or sometimes they’ll use climate denial as an excuse why it would be appropriate to limit speech in this fashion.}

      • Andy Lee Robinson Says:

        Andrew, sabotaging the brakes is hardly a thought crime!

        • andrewfez Says:

          The problem I have with litigating Exxon by superimposing the Big Tobacco prosecution model onto such is that 1) we’ve known about GHG driven climate change long before Exxon did any research on the topic; 2) we’re the ones that actually burn the fossil fuels for our own modern luxury and convenience – Exxon just acts as a middleman between us and the Earth; and we continue to do so despite the fact from point number one; the tobacco prosecution rested on the idea that smokers didn’t know how bad it was when they started smoking and got addicted; we don’t have that excuse with fossil burning; 3) we’re the ones that keep voting Exxon cronies/lapdogs into office; or at least >50% of people that bother to show up at the polls do; 4) unlike the tobacco cases, it’s very hard to quantify the harm caused by Exxon’s deception (did they delay a transition to green energy enough to cause an extra 6 inches of sea level rise at steady state? Or was it more like the Kochs are responsible for 1 inch; Exxon for 1 inch; an amalgam of companies donating to the Heritage Foundation, like Microsoft, for 1 inch; our own desire not to give up cheap energy in the 1980’s-90’s for a few inches, etc.); and 5) if we litigated all oil companies into the ground today, based on the idea that the deception of Exxon has caused harm at a dollar amount greater than their assets and cash flow, society would grind to a halt and there would be no green energy transition; we’d have million man marches for more oil; litigating them into the ground would cause more harm to modern society than climate change will over decades of time; food production would shrink by multiples and billions would die off or kill each other off for one last meal.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Good points all, and it looks like we are headed for the catastrophes you enumerate, with the only questions being when in what order they occur. So let’s stop fooling around. I am to the point of saying F**K it—-let the good times roll, kill ’em all and let god sort ’em out, lock and load and rock and roll, or in Gladiator-speak, unleash hell!

            Accuse Exxon-Mobil of everything imaginable and see what happens. Time is short.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        I agree that the right is succeeding at vacuuming up college kids and turning them into conservatives. I am engaged right now in a small war for the mind of one of my grandsons, a sophomore at one of the country’s top schools He is a great kid and smart, but he is a child of social media and is too busy studying to really dig beneath the BS coming from “scumbags like Milo”.

        It’s bad enough that the right has brainwashed so many adults in this country, but the real damage is going to come when the current crop of college students takes over—-they are NOT ready.

        • andrewfez Says:

          Looks like Milo is getting the ‘Benghazi treatment’ for some remarks he made about 13 year old students sleeping with 28 year old teachers. Conservative groups are shutting him down, Brietbart is done with him, and his book deal has been cancelled. Time will tell if he’s able to retain any media attention after this character assassination, though his followers are still rallying behind him.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            With any luck, this will cripple Milo, and he and his “supporters” will fade into the background if not disappear. He seems to think the publicity will help his book sales—we shall see.

            PS Got Denial from Netflix and watched it—-great movie.

  2. We face a world that is an insane blending of 1984 and A Brave New World

    Over the last year, as the presidential campaign grew increasingly bizarre and Donald Trump took us places we had never been before, I saw a spike in media references to Amusing Ourselves to Death, a book written by my late father, Neil Postman, which anticipated back in 1985 so much about what has become of our current public discourse.

    At Forbes, one contributor wrote that the book “may help explain the otherwise inexplicable”. CNN noted that Trump’s allegedly shocking “ascent would not have surprised Postman”. At, Richard D Land reflected on reading the book three decades ago and feeling “dumbfounded … by Postman’s prophetic insights into what was then America’s future and is now too often a painful description of America’s present”. Last month, a headline at Paste Magazine asked: “Did Neil Postman Predict the Rise of Trump and Fake News?”

    The ascent of Donald Trump has proved Neil Postman’s argument in Amusing Ourselves to Death was right. Here’s what we can do about it

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Can’t recall reading “Amusing….” (CRS) and am going to look for it. One of the most important books I read as an teacher was Teaching as a Subversive Activity, written by your father and Weingartner. After I became an administrator, I “pushed” that book on young teachers who hadn’t read it—-even had a loaner copy for them. Kozol’s Death at an Early Age, and Neill’s Summerhill IMO were also “must reads”.

      The ideas in “Teaching” have unfortunately fallen out of favor in these days of “teach to the test” and preparing little serfs to serve the corporate fascist/feudal state. Trump at al don’t want thinkers, they want lemmings, and they will bury the inconvenient truths of science and the Holocaust if they can.

    • Lionel Smith Says:

      I have just placed a reference to that on my FB page introduced with:

      “Never mind what Trump is saying let’s watch ‘Strickly…’ [1] or ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death’.

      [1] Misspell deliberate.”

  3. mbrysonb Says:

    David Frum seems to see the writing on the wall– quite a turn-around for a Bush-Cheney speechwriter:

    I’ve seen this kind of abuse of power and process on a small scale at our university, which is bad enough; that it’s happening in (by far) the greatest military power in the world scares me to my boot soles.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      The “autocracy” piece from the Atlantic is terrific! A must read.

      (And you are right to be scared—-it gets harder to sleep at night with every passing day of the insanity)

  4. International Holocaust Remembrance Day Is Jan. 27; Rising Tide of Fascism, Fear And Hate Spreading Throughout America And The Rest Of The World, Via Extreme Right Wing White Supremacists And Corporate Money

  5. dumboldguy Says:

    And Trump and Bannon have a plan to deal with the “criminal” Muslim refugees, illegal immigrants, and ultimately any Jews (reporters, academics, activists) that displease them—-it worked for Hitler and the Nazis, didn’t it?

  6. Jim Housman Says:

    Speaking of Nazi tactics I recommend watching the videos of what happened at Berkeley Wednesday. Black Bloc thugs broke into a peaceful demonstration and caused a riot, which the far right happily blamed on….. the far left (of course). It’s pretty clear from the videos that the rioters were well organized and intent on destruction and making everyone look bad. It’s the first I’ve heard of the Black Bloc but they apparently have been around a long time. I saw another video of identically dressed men setting afire a limosine at the Trump inaugeration. At Berkeley they marched into the area in a psuedo military formatioon, two were carrying a large banner the said “Be Ungovernable” and all were uniformly dressed in black.

    Apparently Yiannopoulos’ book will be the main beneficiary of the commotion.

    My biggest take-away from the videos, however, was the passivity of the much larger group of protesters. I was apalled.

    “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” (John S. Mill, 1867, often erroneously attributed to Edmund Burke)

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