Alternative Fact: The Holocaust Was a Chinese Plot

February 1, 2017

This is Part 1. Part 2 here:

UPDATED with commentary, above, from Haaretz of Jerusalem’s senior columnist Chemi Shalev

And yes, it’s relevant because I’ve been warning about the correlation between climate denial, racism, and fascism for years.
“Don’t call them Deniers” was the conventional wisdom when I started this video series and blog.
“People will take it like “Holocaust Denier” – and that’s too much. It’s over the top. It allows them to play the victim.”
Well, that last part is true, Climate deniers are nothing if not drama queens.

But the idea that comparing Climate Deniers to Holocaust Deniers is somehow a bridge too far, if it ever held any credibility, has surely been put down by this current crop of Climate-Deniers-that-also-Deny-the-Holocaust now occupying the White House.

Washington Post:

Facing growing criticism for failing to mention Jews in a statement marking the Holocaust, the Trump administration on Sunday doubled down on the controversial decision.

In a statement on Friday, President Trump broke with the bipartisan practice of past presidents by failing to include any mention of the anti-Semitic views that fueled the Holocaust and left 6 million Jews and millions of others dead.

“I don’t regret the words,” said White House chief of staff Reince Priebus when asked to defend the statement on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

“Everyone’s suffering [in] the Holocaust including obviously all of the Jewish people affected and miserable genocide that occurs— it’s something that we consider to be extraordinarily sad,” Priebus added.

Trump’s 117-word statement was issued on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, Trump remembered “the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust” without specifically mentioning the attempted extermination of Jewish people.

Conservative commentator John Podhoretz slammed the White House’s defense of its actions in a column on Saturday, noting that Nazi ideology rested on the aim of exterminating Jewish people from the face of earth.

“The Nazis killed an astonishing number of people in monstrous ways and targeted certain groups—Gypsies, the mentally challenged, and open homosexuals, among others,” Podhoretz wrote. “But the Final Solution was aimed solely at the Jews. The Holocaust was about the Jews.


Political statements like these are meant as a “dog whistle”, going over the heads of most listeners, but picked up by the targeted Neo-nazi groups, both in the US, and around the world. (most of which are supported by Vladimir Putin, as a means of destabilizing democracies).

America’s most punchable Neo Nazi, Richard Spencer definitely got the signal.

Haaretz, Jerusalem:

For Richard Spencer, the leading ideologue of the so-called “alt-right,” Donald Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that failed to mention Jews or anti-Semitism was an important, perhaps revolutionary, step.
Spencer dubbed it the “de-Judaification” of the Holocaust.

Jewish activists, Spencer wrote in a short post for his new website, have long insisted on making the Holocaust “all about their meta-narrative of suffering” and a way to “undergird their peculiar position in American society.”
The Holocaust, in Spencer’s eyes, has become a sort of moral bludgeon — used against white nationalists like himself.
“We can’t limit immigration, because Hitler. We can’t can’t be proud of ourselves as a Europeans, because Holocaust. White people can be Christian, but not too Christian, because Auschwitz,” he wrote.

In speaking about Hitler and the Holocaust, Spencer has also elided Jewish suffering, telling the Daily Caller that “terrible things were done to many different people during that terrible war.”
He also does not outright condemn Hitler, calling him a “historical figure.” “He’s done things that I think are despicable,” Spencer told the Daily Caller, but did not go into details. “I’m not going to play this game.”
In Spencer’s eyes, the “de-Judification” of the Holocaust is a quintessentially “Trumpian” statement. Spencer championed Trump through the presidential campaign — and though he has been critical of the president at times, seems to have come around to Trump.
“Trump is a white nationalist, so to speak, he is alt-right whether he likes it or not,” Spencer in a recent interview on “The David Pakman Show.”

I’ve known this connection for years. Some of my earliest trolls were obviously Neo-nazis.

Warning: Hate speech Thumbnail.




33 Responses to “Alternative Fact: The Holocaust Was a Chinese Plot”

  1. Jim Housman Says:

    Remember the phrase “Lebensraum”? The Nazi were intent on killing Jews on ideological grounds and were intent on killing Slavs on practical grounds. They wanted their land. Both were considered “Untermench” by the Germans however a larger percentage of Jews were victims. That, I think, shows their larger antipathy towards the Jews.

    I think the number of Polish Jews and the number of Polish Christians murdered were not that different and certainly more Russians of both sects were killed by the Germans.

  2. redskylite Says:

    Thanks Peter for a very inspirational post that has evoked much thought and controversy. I would like to outline my reaction and my views from mainly my own personal experience in life.

    I was born in a Northern Rhine district of Germany in a British Military Hospital, my father was a Major in the Royal Engineers. His unit had been tasked with getting the heavily damaged road networks and bridges fixed and transport systems running in their allocated area.

    My parents intermixed with the local Germans and heard many shocking and sad tales with insights of those troubled and violent times, on the whole the people they met were extremely proper and decent and is is very difficult to understand the way it all evolved. It occurs to me this could happen to any society with the right drivers and situations. I’m sure many learned historians outline it all in books, but this is my viewpoint from a ordinary lowly educated person.

    Recently I have been studying a little on the 1930’s the time trouble brewed up, traditional U.K media (such as BBC) were generally supportive of early Hitler and there were restraints & controls, even censoring on a small few who criticized the Nazi movement and saw grave dangers.

    Our friend the Daily Mail, who Mr David Rose started the temperature hiatus myth with, actually financed young Adolf. I read the current conventional British news daily, they are not reporting the latest dangers, I see from Trump, they are smoothing and normalizing all the stunning events . I see the U.K moving to the right, leaving the fold of their European brothers. I see many parallels to 1930 brewing up.

    Peter has picked up on this much more sharply than I. I’m touching 70 years old, and have had a great life in peacetime, I suddenly feel fear, not for me, but for my son and for the future.

    We should have learnt, do not give in now, not one who reads this post.

    • vierotchka Says:

      The Daiy Mail is a right-wing verging on extreme-right-wing tabloid.

    • Lionel Smith Says:


      Another insightful post. I too am British (England) and am very disturbed by the outbreak of ‘Little Englander’ fervour thanks to the propaganda spewed by the likes of the Daily Mail and pushed by adulation of Farage.

      Some comment from the LSE on that:

      This comes from one who is a septuagenarian and who served in the FAA of the RN (an engineer on F4 Phantoms amongst others) for a couple of decades and then gained a university degree as a mature on leaving. That latter opened my eyes to globalisation and the exploitation of the peoples in so called third world countries and then increasingly, in Thatcher’s Britain and Reagan’s US, those in ones own country. Thus my socio-political outlook is at odds with that of many of my one time colleagues. My degree course, in the 1980s, had a Maths and Science (building on qualifications and training in the RN) core with some computing which latter I took further.

      The widening gap in incomes and the squeeze on middle earners since those Thatcher/Reagan/Chicago Boys of Milton Friedman days is the result of that globalisation where slaves around the world produce ever more cheaply made goods sold for silly prices in western countries. If one compares the cost of so called ‘white goods’ today with that which one would have to pay back in the 1960s then one was encouraged to mend and repair to keep functional, I often did this myself. Of course such goods have become increasingly sophisticated electronically making repair more troublesome and demanding, especially with the unavailability of required spare parts.

      I have read history widely, and deeply and have a growing library containing titles by e.g. Feynmann, Dawkins and many others in those fields of knowledge and understanding. An engineer with an ecological bent and concerns I see only to starkly where we are being lead, often because of the propaganda pushed out in the knowledge that many are too patchily (home schooling and faith schools) educated to appreciate the lies they are being fed.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Well said by both redsky and Lionel. Found another really great book in the used book shop for $1.37. “Hot Flat, and Crowded” (why we need a green revolution
        and how it can renew America)”, by Thomas Friedman, 2008, Farrar Pub. It’s a followup and expansion of his “The World is Flat” of 2005. It really should be titled “Crowded, Flat, and Hot” because he works from the idea of “too many humans” through how “flat” the world had become because of technology and use of fossil fuels to how that has led to “hot”.

        I had touted Dumanoski’s 2009 book “The End of the Long Summer” as being one of the best quick reviews of how we got to the present state of affairs and how man ift into the history of the planet, but Friedman’s book is even better. He quotes extensively from from many others who offer some mind-blowing insights. It is also interested to see how his and their ideas look 8 years later.

        Unfortunately, both he and Dumanoski fall a bit short on the “renewing and remaking” angle. They’re trying to be positive, but both are in a bit of denial about how difficult that will be and how rapidly time is running out. No matter, the book is a terrific read that invokes many “wows”. One comes over the creation of a unit of measurement called the “Americum”, which represents the footprint of America on the resources of the planet. He shows how many “Americums” would be needed if the developing world achieved the same footprint. His discussion of petropolitics and petrodictators is short and sweet, and helps us understand Putin and Russia better.

        It is now #1 on my list ahead of Dumnoski. Find one if you can and read it.

  3. Lionel Smith Says:

    One of the things I studied at university was ‘Comparative Education’, the fact that Americans from both West coast and East coast of the US in the class made it especially valuable for understanding the fragmented US systems. These American exchange students (I did not go on that myself – my wife would have objected) were generally impressed with the UK system, in spite of its many problems.

    I sincerely hope, for the future of the US that Nancy DeVos is blocked from becoming the new US Secretary of State for Education. The following video brings up many points as to why she is disqualified:

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