Trailer: Convergence

January 29, 2017

CONVERGENCE, the new film from Conservation Hawks, explores the essence of fly fishing. In September, 2016, the CH team filmed Hilary Hutcheson and her daughters Ella and Delaney; Travis Swartz (a.k.a. “Hank Patterson”); Simon Perkins, Els Van Woert and their daughter Pippa, and Pippa’s grandfather (and Orvis CEO) Perk Perkins. CONVERGENCE is the story of these incredible anglers and their collective passions: their love for wild trout; for healthy landscapes; for clean, cold waters and for family and friends. The film also shares their concerns about the future, their desire to protect our fisheries, and their unease with our changing climate and rapidly warming planet.

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One Response to “Trailer: Convergence”

  1. Tom Bates Says:

    The planet has been in a cold snap for about 600 years depending on when you want to start the counting. That cold snap killed by some estimates a third of europe’s population and an unknown amount elsewhere. At the coldest the Thames used to freeze over in winter and people ice skated on the river when they were not dying of starvation. The current warmup for the last 400 years has not got us back to 1000 AD. We know that as trees do not grow under glaziers in Alaska that are that old and older. A recent NASA study of the effects of the increased CO2 have an estimated increase in plant mass of 8 percent which in human terms is 415 million more people alive today who would otherwise be dead at the 280 parts per million the AGW crowd wished still existed.

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