Bee Very Afraid. Samantha Bee Full Frontally Scared by Authoritarian Regime

January 24, 2017

The fact that I was involved in Saturday’s march gives me enough strength, and hope, that I can watch this without ripping my clothes.


11 Responses to “Bee Very Afraid. Samantha Bee Full Frontally Scared by Authoritarian Regime”

  1. Samantha Bee is my *panic room*

  2. florasforum Says:

    Hysteria? Haven’t we had enough of that? Neither funny nor helpful. I’ve always considered myself a feminist and I was a registered Democrat for 35 years until July. I watched Bee’s show at the beginning and was cheering her on until she went to full propaganda mode during the election season, ridiculing Sanders and “Bernie Bros” endlessly (I guess I was one, even though I’m a woman and in my 50s, as were many supporters), and endlessly putting Clinton on a pedestal, ignoring ALL the corruption. Then I read a puff piece in Rolling Stone (which I also used to have huge respect for) equating Bee’s rising career with that of Hillary Clinton’s. After all, both women had been put aside over the choice of a black man – Trevor Noah for Bee at The Daily Show, Obama over Clinton in 2008! The manipulation was obvious, sickening, and anything but feminist. Now I see Trevor Noah, John Oliver and Samantha Bee for what they are, mouthpieces of the corporate Democrat media establishment (which is the voice of the DNC). An interesting footnote: John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah – all foreign imports.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Sorry to see that you’re still sitting in a corner and pouting because you can’t get over the bern. I’m surprised at your reaction to this post and also a bit at Peter’s comment about “ripping his clothes”.

      I watched it and found it strangely uplifting. Samantha Bee is very good at what she does, and watching her deliver this bad news made me feel good, just as I did when I watched Jon Stewart do the same. Maher, Colbert, SNL et al don’t do as well. Masha Gessen and Samantha make a great team, and I hope we see more of them together and singly.

      I’ve always been a supporter of women, if not a full-blown feminist, and would urge you to get over it and support Samantha—she IS on our side.

      (And “mouthpieces of the corporate Democrat media establishment, which is the voice of the DNC” is so far over the top that I won’t say more than that The Pussy Grabber, the Repugnants, and THEIR voice (Faux News) are the real enemies, and YOUR hysteria seems to be keeping you from recognizing that.)

    • My Mother grew up in Hitler’s Germany. They didn’t believe it either. It began slowly, until one day, she watched as the 9000 Jews who lived in her hometown of Wurtzburg were loaded onto the trains. Her best friend was among them.

      As human beings, we tend to seek out the most optimistic explanation for things we don’t understand. Given all the history that has gone before us, we really should know better.

      Did you know that 800+ historians signed a letter warning the American people about Trump? Yes, they did, see here:

      Regardless of your political beliefs, you really ought to read more.

    • Don Osborn Says:

      Your wording and images don’t ring true. I suspect you are more a troll than what you claim to be. If you are sincere and merely damaged and tired, fine. But don’t sacrifice the good for the perfect.

    • MorinMoss Says:

      “John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah – all foreign imports”

      Are they illegal? If not, so what?
      But sometimes it takes outsiders to see clearly, fresh eyes, different experiences.

  3. Peter, I strongly suspected that my wife would want to keep her last name long before I actually met her. Yes, we went to the protest.

    They were expecting 50,000 in Seattle, I believe, and there ended up being 120,000 according to police estimates. During the WTO 1999 with 40,000 demonstrators there were a little under 200 arrests. Saturday saw 0 arrests. It is a little early to say, perhaps, but it looks like Trump’s election may have set fire to something. Nationwide we had conservatively 3.5 million protesters for this 1 days event. The upper estimate of earlier 1 day protests in the US has never exceeded 1 million.

    At the same time, while we can try and stop a great deal of what Trump and his administration try to do over the next couple of years, I suspect it will be difficult to stop a great deal of it. They will do a great deal of damage on a wide variety of fronts, some of it nearly irreparable. But what we can do is try to make sure that everyone knows about it. If they are sick of the Republican Party, come mid-term we may be able to retake the Senate and weaken their hold on the House.

  4. We’re going to need all the help we can get against the twin-headed monster of vote suppression (one of many factors that cost Hillary the election, but a huge one) and gerrymandering.

    For more about vote suppression, always see the excellent reporting of Greg Palast.

    Succinct but depressing video about gerrymandering here:

    I wonder if a climate Pearl Harbor event would help the situation?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      IMO, “a climate Pearl Harbor event” would definitely “help” the situation in that it would bring things to a head and (perhaps, maybe, hopefully) bring about movement in a positive direction.

      All the bright-siders who are sitting there with one thumb up their butts and sucking the other in denial would be forced to take action, and all the ignorant deniers that voted for Trump would begin to understand what a ration of s**t he and the Repugnants have fed the country and do something about it.

      So, bring it on—-torrential rains and massive floods, daily waves of tornadoes, wildfires, collapse of the AMOC and deep freeze in Europe, disappearance of the Arctic sea ice, chunks of ice the size of Montana falling off the Antarctic, permafrost and subsea clathrates melting and methane bubbling everywhere, failure of the South Asian monsoon, more years with record high temperatures—-those things and more ARE coming, and the sooner enough of them happen to wake people up, the better for the future of the planet.

      Of course, I don’t want ANY of that to come within 100 miles of ME and those I care for. I am, after all, a homo sapiens and therefore SMART—-so let the SHTF somewhere else than in my backyard.

  5. Yes, my “help” does need quotes around it, because people will suffer. In my misanthropy, I think one inevitable Pearl Harbor event will be an economic shock when rising sea level cause a collapse of mortgage insurance for the beachfront property bubble in Miami. But this maybe slower to happen than some you mention. My backyard is in Colorado–but drought is a very scary word out here, although again it’s slow. People blithely go on their way and don’t think about it.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yep. I inadvertently left Miami off my list—-don’t know why, because I have used Miami as a canary in the coal mine in the past. It should be high on the list because of the damage it will do to the world of finance—-since they are the ones driving AGW, it would have a bigger impact than tornadoes destroying red states (which are only useful as voters for stupidity).

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