I’ll Have the Brown Sauce: Jerry Brown’s State of the State of California

January 24, 2017

The movement in response to the most frightening President in American History is finding a diverse set of voices, many of whom, of all ages, were in the spotlight during Saturday’s incredible Women’s March.
The Alternative to “Alternative facts”, is, like..Fact.

Jerry Brown is a tough, successful, and prescient Politician who understands that.


54 Responses to “I’ll Have the Brown Sauce: Jerry Brown’s State of the State of California”

  1. vierotchka Says:

    California and all the other sane states ought to cecede.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      Putin supports that movement.

      As I’m sure you know.

      • vierotchka Says:

        That’s the first I ever heard of it, I think it is bullshit.

      • vierotchka Says:

        Please give me incontrovertible empirical evidence to back your assertion – and not from a russophobic website, please.

          • vierotchka Says:

            Totally irrelevant, especially coming from a website that specializes in publishing and airing fake news. You can do better than that, surely…

            Note that there is a number of fifth columnists in the Kremlin, and from the research I’ve just done, these insignificant groupuscules (Marinelli et al) try to curry favour and financing from a handful of these fifth columnists in the Kremlin.

            It has strictly nothing to do with Putin.

          • vierotchka Says:

            As The Saker explains it so well:

            So who are these Fifth columnists?

            I have selected nine of the names most often mentioned by Russian analysts. These are (in no particular order):

            Former First Deputy Prime Minister Anatolii Chubais, First Deputy Governor of the Russian Central Bank Ksenia Iudaeva, Deputy Prime Minister Arkadii Dvorkovich, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Governor of the Russian Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, former Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, Minister of Economic Development, Alexei Uliukaev, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov and Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev.

            This is, of course, only a partial list – the real list is longer and runs deeper in the Russian power structure. The people on this list range from dangerous ideologues like Kudrin or Chubais, to mediocre and unimaginative people, like Siluanov or Nabiullina. And none of them would, by him or herself, represent much of a threat to Putin. But as a group and in the current political system they are a formidable foe which has kept Putin in check. I do believe, however, that a purge is being prepared.

            One of the possible signs of a purge to come is the fact that the Russian media, both the blogosphere and the big corporate media, is now very critical of the economic policies of the government of Prime Minister Medvedev. Most Russian economists agree that the real reason for the current economic crisis in Russia is not the falling price of oil or, even less so, the western sanctions, but the misguided decisions of the Russian Central Bank (such as floating the ruble or keeping the interest rates high) and the lack of governmental action to support a real reform and development of the Russian economy.

            What is especially interesting is that vocal opponents of the current Fifth column now get plenty of air time in the Russian media, including state owned VGTRK. Leading opponents of the current economic policies, such as Sergei Glazev, Mikhail Deliagin or Mikhail Khazin are now interviewed at length and given all the time needed to absolutely blast the economic policies of the Medvedev government. And yet, Putin is still taking no visible action. In fact, in his latest yearly address he as even praised the work of the Russian Central Bank. So what is going on here?

            First, and to those exposed to the western propaganda, this might be difficult to imagine, but Putin is constrained simply by the rule of law. He cannot just send some special forces and have all these folks arrested on some kind of charge of corruption, malfeasance or sabotage. Many in Russia very much regret that, but this is fact of life.

          • @vierotchka

            You ought to be very familiar with fake news.

            Alas, you can’t make a convincing argument here.

            From ABC News:
            Texas, California Separatists Attend Kremlin-Funded Conference
            And among the few dozen activists comparing ideas for how to achieve self-determination, were two Americans campaigning for Texan and Californian secession from the United States
            The conference, now in its second year, is funded largely by the Kremlin and organized by the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, a group that closely follows government positions. The movement says it is unconnected to the Kremlin, but the hotel conference was almost entirely paid for by a charitable fund founded by President Vladimir Putin, which provided close to $546,000 for the project, according to public records. The attendees, including the Texan delegate, had been offered free flights and accommodation.

          • vierotchka Says:

            I read it, and it is nonsensical and fake news in essence – but you’re too dumb and too naive to understand this.


            I prefer men, exclusively.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            VERA wants us to believe that ABC News is a FAKE news site? LMAO! And she continues to show her ignorance of all things American by being unaware of the secession/separatist movement in this country. I guess it wasn’t in the stuff the Russians provided her, but once she checks with them I’m sure they’ll give her something to parrot to us.

          • vierotchka Says:

            ABC as well as Fox, CNN, MSNBC and all your other corrupt corporatenews media (a.k.a. mainstream media) are purveyors of fake news and nothing else. Only people with stale and moldy blancmange for brains believe what they publish!

        • Why is greenman required to provide evidence to a Russian troll? Check it out yourself. But, of course you won’t because that isn’t what your employer would want.

          Silly Russian troll.

        • @vierotchka

          this is in response to your stupid gif as seen below.vierotchka

          Really, as usual, vierotchka, you outdo yourself in your efforts to react in the most childish manner to anyone who disagrees with you.

          I feel sorry for you. I sure as hell would not want to be a Russian, much less one working for Putin’s propaganda arm.

          • vierotchka Says:

            The same applies to you. I disagree with y’all about Putin and you all start to insult me. I merely stoop to your level in my gif responses. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, bitch.

            With regard to the subject of Putin, in here,

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Instead of seceding, California and New York should cooperatively demand proportional representation across the country. Or we could just have publicly funded elections and a popular vote, with national holidays on election days and various ways to ensure everyone votes (motor voter, online, etc.).

      “Wyoming, with one representative in the House and two senators, has three electoral votes, while California, with 53 representatives and two senators, has 55 electoral votes.” “…the three electors in Wyoming represent an average of 187,923 residents each. The 55 electors in California represent an average of 677,355 each, and that’s a disparity of 3.6 to 1.”


      • dumboldguy Says:

        The linked article ends with “In a democracy, the election is awarded to the person with the most votes”. Yep, but the problem is that in this gerry-mandered, ALEC-sculpted red state world we live in. money counts more than votes—–so how do you propose we set things right when the Repugnants and the moneyed interests like it the way it is?

        • J4Zonian Says:

          Like everyone else, I’m at a loss. The continual failures of the people of the US to see through the most insane idiotic lies baffles me. Besides trying to understand it through psychology, I turn to George Lakoff, who’s done some new stuff, trying again to get progressives to listen to him. One problem is that he keeps trying Democrats to emphasize progressive frames and the Democrats are conservatives, so…duh! that’s not working. And there’s no other political party or other organization strong enough to get progressives in line over it. This is the way the right wing has taken over the US–using vast amounts of money to expose every person in the country to conservative frames in hundreds of ways a hundred times a day for more than 50 years. Without that money it’s tough, without having half the media it’s tough; without a party on our side it’s tough–since we have a 2 party system and they’re both on the far right…




          I’m left with the last resort of oppressed populations everywhere throughout history: being in the streets unrelentingly. Non-cooperation, setting up a parallel, alternative social structure for every one that’s not meeting the needs of the people and the biosphere. (I was just at an informal meeting of transition and permaculture people who are doing just that.) Using methods like these countries have been freed from empires, dictators have been powerectomied, and groups have removed at least legal oppression from their societies. Do people in the US have the motivation, courage, information, education, attention span, and time to do this? I don’t know. I’m doing everything I can for the process. You?

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Too much navel-gazing and too much Lakoff here. You should have stopped with “the right wing has taken over the US–using vast amounts of money to expose every person in the country to conservative frames in hundreds of ways a hundred times a day for more than 50 years”.

            Have you had fun navel-gazing at the “informal meeting of transition and permaculture people who are doing just (something)? And you’re “doing everything you can for the process”. Like what?

            Me? Since we seem to be approaching a situation similar to the mid 1700’s in this country, I am joining with other Patriots and making plans to deal with King Donald’s Tories. Do you bongo players and OM chanters in Oregon have any tea you want dumped?

            As far as “Do people in the US have the motivation, courage, information, education, attention span, and time to do this?”, the answer should be obvious—- no. Perhaps it’s time to trade in your bongos. buy weapons, and learn how to use them.

  2. Jim Jenal Says:

    California isn’t going anywhere. But we will continue to lead. And I would bet on Jerry Brown over Donald Trump any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Has anyone noticed that VERA is using “y’all” an awful lot. The ONLY other commenter on Crock that uses “y’all” is ——-WAIT FOR IT—–Russell CooK!!!

    That raises a lot of questions for me. Are VERA and Russell co-workers? Is VERA also a whore for fossil fuels as well as a whore for Putin? Is Russell a whore for Putin in that his denier bullshit damages the USA? Should we be calling Russell “Russellovich”? Does his exit plan include a move to Russia?

    • vierotchka Says:

      I use it because my Native American husband hails from Texas and he uses it frequently. Who on earth is Russell Cook?

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Your “native american husband is from Texas” and you don’t know who Russell Cook is? Bullshit! And LMAO!!!!!!

        Show us his birth certificate! We all know he was born in Kenya!

        • vierotchka Says:

          You show us YOUR birth certificate first.

          Oh, I forget, they don’t issue birth certificates to the offspring of genetically-modified gorillas! Sorry about that!

        • “D.o.g.” showing his true colours as usual. The name is Vierotchka, get it straight. But how do you actually know we aren’t one and the same person? Is it because that’s something you also can’t prove? Meanwhile, if I say I already have an escape plan, with my nice little home in Dorokhovo, you’ll just say it’s a lie. Or a red herring. (oops, shouldn’t have said “Red”)

          • dumboldguy Says:

            No, Russell, if you said you “already have an escape plan, with my nice little home in Dorokhovo”, I would believe it, just as I believed the first thirty seconds of your Heartland talk where you said on camera that you know no science and just walked in off the street. Truth is easy to recognize.

            I’ll have to think a bit about whether you and one of the many VERAs are the same person. Not ruling it out, mind you, but it does seem like a lot of work for you. Maybe it’s true and that’s part of your escape plan? Since your fossil fuel masters are likely cutting back on whores now that the The Pussy Grabber is in place with his Destroy America First Energy Plan and they don’t need you, you are going to whore for the Russians?

            It would make sense, since YOU are the ONLY one who has ever given any support to VERA here. Are you auditioning for the Russians by writing horseshit just as you did for your Uncle Fred at Heartland? Udachi with that, Y’ALL

            (And you are getting carried away with the “thumbs” hacking. FOUR thumbs up before anyone even read the comment? Sooooo obvious)

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Looky-looky, y’all. In just the short time it took me to write my reply, Russell has hacked a bunch of “thumbs up” onto VERA’s comments. As I said, soooooo obvious (and soooooo dumb).

    • vierotchka Says:

      My name here is Vierotchka, have the decency of using it when referring to me.

      Oh, I forget, you don’t have the slightest smidgen of decency.

      I bet your preferred “sport” is to snatch old ladies’ handbags so as to get enough change for your next bottle of cheap, bad whisky.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        YOUR name simply IS Vera Narishkin, and anyone who looks at the web and the crap you post here knows that.. As I said on another thread—“Just because your narcissism and ego drives you to try to be “cute”, don’t go around demanding that we English speakers get cute along with you and waste our time typing out all the stupid Russian -otchkas, -ovichs, -nymics, and diminutives that so corrupt the Russian language”.

        And VERA NARISHKIN lecturing anyone on “decency” has got to be the laugh of the month!! I’ll continue to call you VERA and if you don’t like it, GFYS.

        PS If your husband is a Native American, how come your last name is Russian? Shouldn’t you be VERA CrazyBull or something like that? Didn’t you take jis last name when you married?

        • vierotchka Says:

          I have several names, all of them legal. As for being English speakers, you lot have an extremely poor command of English. I have to make great efforts to stoop to your primitive level in order to communicate with you.

          You wouldn’t know decency if it sliced and diced and salted and spiced and dipped in batter and deep-fried and force-fed you your fetid, shriveled and useless genitals!

          • jpcowdrey Says:

            “I have several names, all of them legal.”

            I’m afraid that’s not how it works, darling.

          • vierotchka Says:

            I’m afraid it is – my legal surnam consists in fact of three different surnames, all perfectly legal.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Uh, all of you VERAs?—the ones with the multiple personalities and multiple names?—-take the guns away from your heads, put them on the floor and back away slowly—-be careful not to trip each other any more than you usually do. The bus will be here soon to take you all back to the asylum.

            VERA 3!—-stop pushing VERA 7!! VERA 4!—-stop pulling down your knickers! VERA 5!—–stop chanting “fuck” and “shit”! Dammit—-it’s like herding cats, and stupid ones at that—-it’s a good thing we have some DOGS around to help.

          • jpcowdrey Says:

            All three of your surnames together are your legal surname if so legally registered. If you try to sign a legal document using only one of those surnames you are using an alias. Especially in Switzerland. They are pretty anal about such things. Especially with immigrants.

          • vierotchka Says:

            Wrong – I have no problems with these legal names at all – it depends on which perfectly legal and accepted passport I use, and I am not an immigrant.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Didn’t you say you hold a British passport? Do you hold a Swiss passport also? And that your parents (who emigrated to the UK from Russia) moved to Switzerland? Now you need to show us YOUR passport and birth certificate along with your husband’s, Darling V, so that we can discover the truth about who you are and where you’re from.

            BTW, Texas, the state that your allegedly Native American husband is allegedly from, ranks 23rd in the percentage of residents who are native Americans. AZ, or NM would have been better places for him to have “been from”.

          • vierotchka Says:

            I need to show you fuck all.

            Oh, and by the way, http://www.texascherokeenation.org/

          • dumboldguy Says:

            “I need to show you fuck all”, says VERA.

            Sounds just like Trump, doesn’t she? And the creepy little weasel Putin would agree, I’m sure.

    • @dumboldguy

      i noticed. I thought that perhaps she was trying to adopt a more American persona, but you may be onto something there!

      • vierotchka Says:

        Youre arse-licking of idiots is most unbecoming of you. In fact, I don’t believe you’re a female – females never are as idiotic as you are.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Of course I’m on to something. Look at her squirm—–she refuses to show us her husband’s birth certificate, and that’s the only excuse she can give for saying “Y’all”. I’m sure that she and Russell Russellovich are working together!

        • vierotchka Says:

          My husband’s birth certifiate (at least, unlike you, he has one) is none of your business. If he wants you to see it, he’ll post it – but he is far too intelligent to cater to the whims of a loser like you!

  4. jpcowdrey Says:

    vierotchka, can we disagree and still be civil? I don’t believe Putin can be considered de jure a dictator, but arguably, de facto, he’s getting pretty damn close.

    Could you provide a translation of Article 13c of the following document:


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