“..to You, the People”

January 23, 2017

The tone is right on, except in reality it’s the powerless who are being ripped from their beds.

That’s the resonant fictional depiction. Below, the reality.

Charles Blow in the NYTimes:

On Friday, Donald J. Trump, the embodiment, instrument and provocateur of American animus, was installed — and I use that word with purpose and displeasure — as America’s 45th president. He delivered a particularly inauspicious speech to a seemingly sparse crowd, presenting a vision for America that would best be described as aggressive atavism, a retrograde positioning of policy that threatens to drag the country back to a time of division and fear and hostility, when some stand in the light by casting others into darkness.

The speech was replete with phrases never before uttered in an Inaugural Address. Bleed, carnage, depletion and disrepair. Ripped, rusted and stolen. Tombstones, trapped and windswept. Urban, sad and Islamic. It felt at times as though he were reading aloud from a post-apocalyptic movie script.

Indeed, some have pointed out that portions of the speech sounded eerily familiar to one delivered by the movie villain Bane in the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” Bane, too, promises: “We take Gotham from the corrupt! The rich! The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you, the people,” even as he plunges the fictitious city into chaos.

There were few overtures to his opponents, let alone his enemies, little attempt to seek unity and amity. The Dean of Discord made clear his purpose and his plan: It is not to bring America together but to rip it asunder.

DC Urban Moms and Dads:

If you are puzzled by the bizarre “press conference” put on by the White House press secretary this evening (angrily claiming that Trump’s inauguration had the largest audience in history, accusing them of faking photos and lying about attendance), let me help explain it. This spectacle served three purposes:

1. Establishing a norm with the press: they will be told things that are obviously wrong and they will have no opportunity to ask questions. That way, they will be grateful if they get anything more at any press conference. This is the PR equivalent of “negging,” the odious pick-up practice of a particular kind of horrible person (e.g., Donald Trump).

2. Increasing the separation between Trump’s base (1/3 of the population) from everybody else (the remaining 2/3). By being told something that is obviously wrong—that there is no evidence for and all evidence against, that anybody with eyes can see is wrong—they are forced to pick whether they are going to believe Trump or their lying eyes. The gamble here—likely to pay off—is that they will believe Trump. This means that they will regard media outlets that report the truth as “fake news” (because otherwise they’d be forced to confront their cognitive dissonance.)

3. Creating a sense of uncertainty about whether facts are knowable, among a certain chunk of the population (which is a taking a page from the Kremlin, for whom this is their preferred disinformation tactic). A third of the population will say “clearly the White House is lying,” a third will say “if Trump says it, it must be true,” and the remaining third will say “gosh, I guess this is unknowable.” The idea isn’t to convince these people of untrue things, it’s to fatigue them, so that they will stay out of the political process entirely, regarding the truth as just too difficult to determine.

This is laying important groundwork for the months ahead. If Trump’s White House is willing to lie about something as obviously, unquestionably fake as this, just imagine what else they’ll lie about. In particular, things that the public cannot possibly verify the truth of. It’s gonna get real bad.

UPDATE: As always, someone on the internet was way ahead of me, and edited the Bane speech together with Trump’s.


7 Responses to ““..to You, the People””

  1. lracine Says:

    This is starting to remind me of Author Millers “The Crucible”….

  2. lracine Says:

    hat tip…

    “More than 200 people who were mass-arrested at the Washington, D.C. protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump have been hit with felony riot charges that are punishable by up to 10 years in prison.”

    ““I have been representing protesters for 13 years now, and I have never seen felony rioting charges in Washington, D.C. It is not one of the standard laws that they tend to use. This is unusual. It is rare to use that charge.”


    • indy222 Says:

      That’s amazing, and frightening. How fast will this government-by-goon-squads ramp up the intimidation? How can those voters in Middle America sleep at night, knowing they voted in this Adam Sutler character and his spiders?

      • dumboldguy Says:

        I’ve lived 25 miles outside DC for almost 48 years now and have watched the behaviors of the DC Metro police force all that time. Have been on the fringes of a number of demonstrations as I rode my bike down there going back to the anti-Viet Nam War protests—-World Bank, Occupy, and others since. Even ferried some young relatives down there for the Viet Nam protests (they later got arrested)—-got out of the car and walked the Mall with them for a while—-my aviator sunglasses, buzz cut, and pressed khakis got me lots of looks—-one hippie siting in a tree smoking a joint yelled down “You with the government? FBI maybe?”, to which I flashed him a peace sign with my hand and replied, “Yeah, but I’m off duty and just looking around today”, and to which he replied “Cool, want a hit?” and leaned down with the joint.

        The DC police have made their mistakes, but have also done a great job most of the time, and they have to deal with a LOT of demonstrations—-they are well-trained, well-led, pretty laid back, and deport themselves far better than most of us would under the circumstances. Certainly far better than those police forces in the red states would do. Same goes for all the other “police” whose jurisdictions overlap in DC—-Capitol Police, Park Police. the Uniformed Secret Service (as well as the DC National Guard and the Marines and soldiers that have been called in from nearby military facilities for really big demonstrations).

        I watched the inauguration day activities all day from before 10 AM to 6 PM on my local NBC News channel—-it’s all that was on for that entire time, and there were even fewer commercials than usual. A small group of so-called “protesters” behaved very badly and were repeatedly caught on camera throwing rocks at police, smashing store windows with hammers, and lighting fires (including a couple in cars). They wore masks and looked just like the anarchists who got violent at the World Bank protests years before. IMO, they couldn’t have cared less about Trump and were just using the “good” protest as cover. The DC police were restrained, using flash bangs and light-duty tear gas projectiles to herd the crowd—-no rubber bullets, no head bashing.

        The felony rioting charge may be “unusual” but IMO not extreme. And I would like to know if the Pussy Grabber exerted any influence there—it’s not his justice Department (yet). If the prosecutors can make the case and prove it, I’d find them guilty as charged if I were on the jury. They damaged the credibility of the peaceful demonstrators and gave fodder to all the right wing assholes who will now be screaming endlessly about “violent Hillary supporters” trying to destroy Trump’s presidency” etc. etc.

        BTW, I wonder what everyone would have thought if the DC Police hadn’t handled the rioters so well and they had broken through to the parade route (where some might have been shot)? And for the conspiracy-minded, what if the rioters were really pro-Trumpers performing a false-flag op to gain sympathy for The Pussy Grabber and deflect attention from his shortcomings? Will any of the 200 be found to have ties to Russian intelligence or (the creepy weasel) Putin? Hmmmmm!!!???

  3. I am trying to locate the original article attributed to Charles Blow in the post above. What is the source, please?

  4. andrewfez Says:

    Something’s astir among the progressives at present: A new faction of Democrats (combo of TYT and Sanders campaign people) are aiming at taking down establishment politicians in primaries over the coming years (a few hundred standing seats). I’ve seen a prelude to this from Cenk Uygur before, regarding primaries: a particular entrenched legislator in one of those New England states was tying up Wolf-Pac’s move for such to call for a Constitutional Convention to divorce big money from Washington politics. One of Cenk’s volunteers moved into the obstructionist’s district and primaried him when the state’s elections were underway.

    So here’s part of the new democrats’ platform:

    “Create the new new deal. Our infrastructure gets a grade of D from the Society of Civil Engineers. The government should invest billions in rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, schools, levees, airports etc. There’s no reason why we can’t have the world’s #1 infrastructure.

    Create the renewable energy revolution. Scientists are sounding the alarm on climate change. In order to avoid the worst case scenario and a dystopian future we need a massive green revolution. It’s time to drastically and immediately move away from fossil fuels and develop the technologies of the future. This will be a giant boon to both the private and public sector, as well as a necessary response to a global crisis. We can and we must be #1 in sustainable energy production in the world.”


    The rules are simple: if you’re going to run in a primary don’t take any big donor or corporate money.

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