John Cook: Opportunity or “New Dark Age of Denial”

January 17, 2017

John Cook at a private roundtable in San Francisco, December 2016.


15 Responses to “John Cook: Opportunity or “New Dark Age of Denial””

  1. Tom Bates Says:

    Some guy named Cook claimed the planet is cooking. That is about as scientific as the AGW argument.

  2. danialcblog Says:

    Cook et al provided irrefutable evidence that 97% of climate scientists acknowledge AGW.
    Please address or fuck off.

  3. schwadevivre Says:


    Just a thought; because in the USA much of the climate denial has been associated with the alt-Right (aka neo-Nazis), I wonder how much of it is due to reflexive racism?

    I can see how the same sort of mindset that has a knee jerk loathing of the ACA when it is labeled “Obamacare” might be reflexively antagonistic to AGW/Climate Change because the Obama administration accepted it.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      If you google “climatecrocks, racism” you’ll see that I’ve been warning about the link between denial and racism for long before Trump made it official.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        You beat me to it—-I was going to remind everyone of that fact. Now Trump et al have added misogyny and xenophobia to the stew, and it’s not hard to make the link between them and climate change denial as well.

        • I’d say part is reflexive tribalism (“it’s our team, yay Dumbheads”), but the magic sauce is provided by the fossil-fuel-funded phony think tank (“crank tank”) network, which provides a thin cover of plausibility to the myths.

          BTW, I’m trying to do one of the things John Cook mentioned–convert the Skeptical Science pages into “climate mythbusting facts” and posting 1/day on Twitter.

          • otter17 Says:

            Check out the picture posted by andrewfez in the comments of the “Global Heat Threepeat” article yesterday. Pictures say a lot on Twitter, and his idea of a mythbusting boiled down to an internet meme format might interest you.

      • Lionel Smith Says:

        From nearly 4 years ago: Raw: Colin Powell Rips GOP On Racism.

        May be interesting to listen closely to such as Sessions when they speak.

  4. eolandeeliva Says:

    This video goes some way in explaining the climate denial:

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