Jeff Masters on Weather Disasters: Shifting to a Higher Octave

January 17, 2017

At a small private gathering in San Francisco, December 2016, a number of key players in communicating climate risks gathered to brainstorm on the way forward.


5 Responses to “Jeff Masters on Weather Disasters: Shifting to a Higher Octave”

  1. Tom Bates Says:

    While Wiki does have its fault it does mention that the most hurricanes since 1880 was in 1886 for those which hit the USA. Since the USA is part of the planet and not on some other planet the actual number of extreme weather events has gone down not up if one makes the assumption the southern hemisphere weather events ratios numbers are similar to the northern hemisphere weather event number ratios.

    • Once again the description of “assume” fits, just leave the rest of us out of it, we don’t listen

    • greenman3610 Says:

      that is all.

    • schwadevivre Says:

      You do realise there is a big wide world other than the eastern seaboard of the USA? This world has hurricanes (sometimes naming them typhoons and cyclones) which are at least as destructive as those that hit your back yard.

      Additionally there are powerful subtropical storms that cause vast damage; for example in the past 5 years my back yard Cornwall has been hit by 3 or 4 “once in 100 year” storms.

      Essentially take your ignorant jingoism elsewhere.

  2. climatehawk1 Says:

    Thanks for the post. Jeff Masters has done a great job of bringing climate science into his discussion of extreme weather events over the past few years. He’s a great asset to those of us who are trying to raise awareness of the danger of climate disruption.

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