Jennifer Francis: A New Arctic Feedback

January 16, 2017

Video from my 2016 AGU interviews.
A deeper look coming later this week.

For Climate scientists, “positive feedback” is anything but positive. It means we’ll warm faster with stronger impacts.
My friend, Arctic expert Jennifer Francis, is observing a new, emerging feedback in the arctic.

I’m making an effort to break out important info-bites from the hours of footage, consider donating to Dark Snow to aid in this effort – I’m overwhelmed.


5 Responses to “Jennifer Francis: A New Arctic Feedback”

  1. socio Says:

    The mechanisms Jennifer Francis are always very interesting. Thanks a lot for this video.

  2. indy222 Says:

    so the increased clouds are cirrus higher altitude clouds I assume; those are the ones that net/net cause increased tropospheric warming.

    Well that’s just super. Great. A fine and fitting thing to add to cap off this foreboding Jan 20 as I go over past emails.

  3. Matt Sykes Says:

    Loss of arctic sea ice is a net negative feedback because it allows the relatively warm ocean to emit energy, and permit latent and sensible heat mechanisms. The total for this is ~300 wm^-2

    The albedo, often quoted as 0.07, is also incorrect for the arctic. At the low angles of incidence in the arctic the albedo is higher, so early in the day/season the penetration of shortwave is reduced. It is also very cloudy in summer, further reducing short wave penetration.

  4. kinimod Says:

    Concise and well explained. A new feedback.

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