Unprecedented Arctic Sea Ice Low

January 14, 2017



3 Responses to “Unprecedented Arctic Sea Ice Low”

  1. Torsten Says:

    To be clear Peter, the chart in the tweet you’ve reposted is for the global sea ice area, which is at its lowest in recorded history, while your headline describes arctic sea ice area. But the Arctic is also at a record low for the day of the year, and has been for some time.

    Now that that is cleared up, perhaps Russell Cook, who undoubtedly will be tempted to comment on this post, will tell us if he really believes this howler:

    “Spin this any way you want, the Arctic ain’t melting on cue like you believe it is.

    which he wrote here:


    Russell, arctic ice area is one metric that climate models have gotten really wrong. They have generally greatly underestimated its rate of decline.

  2. astrostevo Says:

    The Arctic sea ice “climate canary” – NOT only melting but also NOT freezing up properly like it used to too.

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