The Times They are A Changin’

January 14, 2017

Ok, let’s start over again.

This works surprisingly well, given current conditions.

And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no telling who that it’s naming
For the loser now will be later to win
Cause the times they are a-changing

Bonus track below:

The late Mary Travers. oof.


11 Responses to “The Times They are A Changin’”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Thanks for sharing this blast from the past – 1964 (19 years after WWII ended) Dylan set the world on fire with this epic anthem of protest – so many wrongs to put right back then. In 1964 I would have had to write a letter to comment on your printed column, probably taken well over a week to find it’s way to the U.S.of A (and you would have moved on by then). How on earth did our generation communicate so quickly and organize all those highly visible demonstrations. ?

    As President-elect Donald Trump puts together his fossil fuel-focused administration, the investment community is moving full speed in the opposite direction, instead putting their bets on emissions reductions and support for clean energy.

  2. Tom Bates Says:

    Times are changing,we are finally going to fire the leftists liars and put actual science back in the federal government. Cannot do anything about the lying leftists in California and New York but we could simply defund them.

    • Don Osborn Says:

      Folks, there are little we can do or say, no rigorous array of scientific analysis converging from a wide variety of disciplines and researchers that can sway deluded ideologues like our friend TB. To their bizarro minds, up is down, black is white, science is opinion. Keep our focus on communicating with the 85% with whom it is possible to actually communicate with. Every day now, as the bright light of day exposes them, their lack of understanding science and the nature of factual information, their lack of any constructive alternatives or plans, their sheer lack of concern for society or mankind, and their abrasive doltishness becomes ever more clear.
      Meanwhile, Peter and the others who continue to strive to bring rationality and clarity to this critical subject and to find ever more effective ways to communicate it, our thanks … and more importantly the thanks of our Grandchildren and those who will follow them. They will thank you and curse the deniers and obstructionists.

      • redskylite Says:

        Well put Don – except I think that Bates confuses Climate/Earth Science with left wingers rather than opinion. Personally I don’t think I’m left wing, I spent most of my working life in a country run by a benevolent dictator, without the need to vote or think about politics, so I am not insulted by the guy. Last post or two he got pretty racist about Africa and India and I think he is on very thin ice.

    • schwadevivre Says:


      You wouldn’t know “science” if Isaac Newton, Roger Bacon and Rene Descartes came up an bit you on the ass.

  3. redskylite Says:

    Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is the same age I was when “The Times They Are a changing” was released. He and his peers are my hope for our future, when all the old obstructionists are just faded memories. Then our progress will surely accelerate.

    In the United States in November, in a single 48-hour period, two hugely significant things happened. One of them received worldwide attention but the other, somewhat improbably, might yet turn out to be more important.

    The first, of course, was the election of Donald Trump. The second, the following day, concerned prominent District Court judge Ann Aiken, who delivered a legal order that seems set to shake American and global business practice to the core.

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