Stephen Colbert: Better Learn Some Russian

January 14, 2017


7 Responses to “Stephen Colbert: Better Learn Some Russian”

  1. D. M. Hutchins Says:

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    People are going to have to come to terms with the fact that this guy is an actor reading a script written by a corporation with an agenda aims at controlling what you think. This is not a man with an opinion who has a television show in order to share his thoughts with you. No one says anything on television unless it is bought and paid for. Understand that you are seeing the Obama-Clinton propaganda machine. They managed to mock, standing up to your government, being healthy, and animal cruelty, in less than ten minutes.

  2. florasforum Says:

    So funny. Colbert has become quite the propaganda machine. I used to love him, now, not so much! I guess all that wealth has distanced him from the working and middle class. And it’s so HILARIOUS how no one seems to remember that inconvenient little detail about how the 2nd Comey investigation on those emails came about because of pervert Anthony Wiener having the files on his computer – as an he was being investigated on his sick relationship with a 17-year-old! Not important, I guess, because that’s about a teenaged girl. Or . . . maybe that part has been erased by the . . . Russians!

    • Jim Housman Says:

      The question isn’t why he was investigating the pervert. The question is why did he think it was necessary to do it in a way that was sure to affect the election.

    • Excuse me, but quite frankly, NO ONE gives a rat’s ass about Anthony Wiener, i.e., the pervert. We do give a damn that Comey used that investigation to further malign Clinton and thus cost Democrats the election. FOR NOTHING.

      That should be considered treason, but I am quite sure that the Orange Glob will reward Comey rather than fire him.

      Perhaps you should concern yourself as to what’s really going on with Trump, this country, and Russia. But, I’m certain that is all beyond your ability to comprehend.

  3. Jim Housman Says:

    This guy Jummy Dore is to repulsive to watch. I don’t care if he has evidence of the second coming.

  4. astrostevo Says:

    Colbert is brilliant even if I do still really miss Letterman.

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